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At SEO.com we’re constantly preaching about the power of blogs to our clients. It only makes sense for us to set a good example and rock our own blog. 2012 was an exciting year for internet marketing, and our bloggers were on top of the challenges and changes within the industry. Here is my list of SEO.com’s top 12 blog posts of 2012, that have remained relevant throughout the year:


1. What is “Linkbait” and how does it work?

By Preston Van Dyke

“Linkbait” is one of those SEO terms, that those not in the SEO-industry have a hard time understanding. Preson explains what link bait is and how to do it right. This is the only video- blog- post that made the list. Click it, watch it, and find out why.

2. Secrets To Launching Successful Pinterest Marketing Campaigns – The Experts Weigh In

By Greg Shuey

Pinterest has created a lot of buzz over the year and businesses of all sizes are finding the site it a good way to drive traffic to their site. Are you using Pinterest for marketing? This post outlines some pro-tips that provide some great insight in Pinterest regardless of what stage you’re at in using this relatively new social media site for marketing.

3. Content Marketing: How To Sell Executives On The Idea & Cost

By Greg Shuey

Content marketing isn’t necessarily something new, but it goes hand-in-hand with SEO because of the engagement it creates and the ROI it can generate. Greg asks the top professionals in the internet marketing industry to weigh in on the benefits of content marketing. If you’re having a hard time convincing yourself or others whether or not it’s “worth it,” read this and then decide.

4. 5 Ways To Turn Social Media Feedback Into Valuable Business Data

By Nicole Bullock

Through Facebook Likes, Tweets, Pinterest Pins, and social bookmarks, companies can get an amazing return on investment for social efforts. But how do you tap into the power of social feedback from your customers? Nicole explains what measures are important to look at in this post.

5. 10 Things You Must Do To Prepare Your Business For SEO

By Greg Shuey

This post is a guide to help businesses of any size to prepare themselves to get started with SEO. Some tips include being ready to work together, providing full analytics data and being ready to change your website. Thinking about signing up with an SEO company? Read this post to make sure you’re ready.

6. 35 Link Building Tips from Paddy Moogan at Mozcon

By Ash Buckles

President of SEO.com, Ash Buckels ventured out to MozCon in July. In this post, Ash re-caps a presentation from Distilled’s Paddy Moogan about 35 creative ways to create high-quality links. “Link-earning,” is the new “link-building,” and Ash discusses some tips about how to earn the hard links that will last the test of time.

7. Local Search Dream Team – Tips, Tools & Predictions

by Bryan Phelps

In this post, some of the most talented SEOs in the industry share their thoughts and findings and weigh in on local SEO tools and services, valuable ranking techniques and the biggest changes to come in the future.

8. Infographics vs. Infocrapics: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

By Paul Sanders

We all like a good infographic, but what happens when an infographic falls short and doesn’t entertain, inspire or inform us? We like to call those infocrapics. Read about how to get the most SEO-value out of infographics as possible, and what not to do.

9. 5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Kanye West

By Rebecca Babicz

Think you can’t learn anything from one of the most controversial people in the history of entertainment? Think again, and read this post. I explain some things that bloggers can learn from Kanye West such as being a little controversial and collaborating with others.

10. 5 Tips To Convert Website Visitors Into More Sales and Leads

By IGoByDoc

Getting people to visit your website is only half the battle, once they’re on your website you need to convert them. Doc gives business owners advice on how to funnel visitors down a path that cause them to convert whether it be providing you with a e-mail address or actually buying your product/service.

11. Keyword Research in 15 Minutes or Less

By Preston Van Dyke

There’s no time to waste when it comes to getting your website to rank in Google. Preston gives some quick and easy-to-understand tips for keyword research. If you need ideas on how to do more in-depth research, Preston also wrote a series about that too.

12. Image SEO Ranking Tips

By Ash Buckles

It’s important not to ignore the images that go on your website because optimized images provide an additional way for visitors to discover your product or service online. This post is a great resource for making sure you know what’s important when it comes to optimizing images for SEO.

What were your favorite SEO.com blog posts of 2012? Feel free to leave us a comment about some of your favorite topics, or topics you would like to see us write more about.