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Jan 19, 2011 / by Josh Summerhays

Your Website and the Butt-Brush Effect

Chances are you may have heard of the Butt-Brush Effect, from Paco Underhill’s seminal work, "Why We Buy."

A brief synopsis of the Butt-Brush Effect: Underhill observed women shopping for

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Jan 18, 2011 / by Dan Bischoff

7 Rules of Social Media and Creating Trust Around Your Brand, via Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman -- the skydiver and PR guy who gained fame by founding HARO (Help a Reporter Out) -- spoke in Salt Lake City last week about social media marketing and building trust around a brand. The guy

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Jan 14, 2011 / by Kevin Phelps

How to Build a Website with SEO in Mind

To make sure your site is built for the search engines, be sure to balance these elements in your Web design.


URL Structure:

Don’t bother using page IDs for your URLs. Changing your URLs to a worded structure will not

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Jan 13, 2011 / by Preston Van Dyke

How SEO Avoids Website Prosopagnosia and Makes Your Site Memorable

Prosopagnosia. What the heck is that? This is what I found myself asking while listening to a recent Radiolab podcast. Turns out it refers to “facial blindness”—as in you are unable to remember and recognize any one’s face. Every time seeing someone

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Jan 11, 2011 / by Dan Bischoff

SEO.com Predicts Top 9 SEO Strategies for 2011

A growing list of new technologies and trends will join some old standbys to influence search engine rankings and generate more qualified leads and sales.

SALT LAKE CITY -- The start of 2011 didn't ring in shiny new strategies that

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Jan 5, 2011 / by Scott Smoot

Why Multiple Domains are Mostly Bad for SEO

It happens all the time, and causes me to scratch my head in complete confusion every time: Someone I'm working with on SEO will own multiple domains for the same business. I don't mean that they have a couple related domains, I mean the same business and same offerings

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Jan 4, 2011 / by David Scoville

Off-Page SEO Webinar

Are you Getting the Most out of Link Building?

Join Boyd Norwood as he delves into effective link building that boosts your search engine ranking and increases your website's traffic.

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Dec 28, 2010 / by Suzanne Sanchez

Search Engine Optimization: Know Before You Go

Many companies decide on a whim to jump on the SEO bandwagon without really understanding the ramifications. While SEO is becoming more and more vital to a successful business model, there are many things that need to be

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Dec 22, 2010 / by Kevin Phelps

An Over-Optimizing Nightmare: Staying Off Google’s Naughty List

Disclaimer: The below post illustrates a personal experience. The views and opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect those of SEO.com or the work performed with their clients.

For the most part, link building is pretty straight forward and

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Dec 21, 2010 / by Scott Cowley

The Best Keyword Research Method Ever Invented For Blogs

Have you ever done keyword research for a blog post and experienced no resulting organic traffic? You may be thinking, “What happened? The terms I optimized for had search volume. Why am I not getting

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