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The digital landscape has transformed the way people communicate, share information and receive their advertising. Digital marketing can be integrated into all traditional methods of advertising and PR, making it an engagement marketing essential.

When the physical world taps into the digital world, the “phygital mashups” that are created can really hit your audience in a deeply engaging way. When people interact with a brand in a personal way by participating and engaging, they are far more likely to become brand advocates and word of mouth marketers.


Phygital Marketing engages us by tying into things we do, see and interact with in our everyday life. The London Eye projecting Twitter sentiment about the 2012 Olympics was a great example. The amount of negative and positive emotion in Tweets referencing the Olympics was reflected in a nightly light show during the games, with yellow as positive, green neutral and purple negative.
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I still love what Fiat and Leo Burnett Madrid did last year with their Fiat Street Evo app. The app recognized traffic signs as if they were QR codes, and associated each sign with a car feature. Thousands of prizes were hidden behind random signs, but you had to get out on the streets and capture the signs to find them.

A retailer in Brazil recently began in-store real-time Facebook “Like” feeds on clothing hangers for specific products. The intent is to help potential buyers with their purchasing decision by showcasing just how great so many real people think the product is with a live stream. A clever way to bring offline online? Or maybe just a way to find out what everyone else is wearing so you can make sure you don’t buy it if you don’t want to show up to the next happy hour sporting what three other guys are wearing?

There are many ways to acquire customers and keep them engaged. Technology and a sound creative/communication strategy can personalize the marketing experience and keep customers coming back. What out of the box and innovative ways are you using to engage your customers?

Do you think Phygital Marketing is going to continue to grow and become the norm? I know I do.