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Proving the Value of SEO [Slide Deck]

Thanks to everyone that attended the webinar this morning! As promised: here is my slide deck.

If you have any questions from the webinar or regarding the slide deck, shoot away on Twitter or in the comments below!

Short Summary

In this webinar, I talk about SEO KPIs that SEO professionals and business owners alike should care about first and foremost. I also talk about how to properly segment website traffic into useful groups in order to prove success in a meaningful and deliberate way.

I also provide some nuggets advanced segment towards the end - including Regexp code and settings for several key advanced segments in Google Analytics, such as:

  • Branded terms segment
  • Non-branded terms segment
  • Target/project keywords segment
  • Long-tail keywords segment

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Claye Stokes

Written by Claye Stokes

Claye has always been passionate about business, web technologies, and marketing. Professionally, he has worked for both SEO agencies and full service ad agencies. As a result, his experience ranges from managing the online presence and SEO for small- to enterprise-level companies, to working side by side with business owners to fulfill their entire marketing and advertising campaigns, both on and off the web. When he isn't working or spending time with his beautiful wife and two children, you will probably find him researching and practicing online marketing techniques, or outdoors practicing his golf swing. Check out Claye Stokes on Google+.

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