PubCon 2009

There is a feeling of excitement in the air at Is it due to the holiday season approaching? Maybe it is because we are announcing the winner of our Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover this Friday, or perhaps it is because the ski resorts will open soon. Well, all of those are very exciting, but I believe the real reason for the tangible energy in the office air is generated by the excitement for PubCon.

What is PubCon? It is a four-day educational/networking event with over 90 sessions featuring 200 expert speakers in Social Media, Affiliate Programs, Search, and SEO/SEM. We are excited to announce our Vice President, Nelson James, will be featured as a speaker.

Our team of SEO experts will be live blogging and tweeting the event. Check back regularly this week for some great information!

If you happen to be in Vegas as well, look for the following SEOs from our team:

Dave Bascom, President & CEO
Nelson James, Vice President
Ash Buckles, Director of SEO
Adam Torklidson, Account Manager
Scott Smoot, Account Manager
Dustin Williams, Account Manager
Greg Shuey, Account Manager
Greg Bay, Account Manager
Tamra Hamblin, Account Supervisor
Dan Patterson, Account Manager

And remember PubCon attendees- what happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace! Have fun everyone!

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  1. Cary Snowden says

    Excitement around here, too. Mostly because we can’t wait to hear who wins the big giveaway. We all have our fingers crossed. Ah heck; who am I kidding: We have EVERYTHING crossed! (…but then, who wouldn’t for a chance at the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover?)

  2. Lori Gilson says

    Cary, I hear you. I tried to convince Dave and Nelson that I should win, just so I could start a company and immediately make-it-over. Can I pretend to be from Publishers Clearing House and carry a big check around for a couple days?

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