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Pubcon Las Vegas Day 2 - Key Takeaways



Day 2 of PubCon Las Vegas 2011 was full of great information!

Here are some of the highlights from Wednesday's sessions:



Take advantage of user-generated content for your site.

  • Peer reviews can be effective to encourage conversions on a page.
  • Websites typically are seeing a 555% increase in click-through rates when reviews are posted on the site, according to Adam Proehl with Nordic Click.
  • User generated content is even more vital for B2B.
  • Bad reviews can spark many positive reviews from your fans who will openly defend you.  

Social Media

If social is the future (and the present) of search, let's incorporate more social media tactics into our SEO efforts.

  • Implement Facebook's "Open Graph" into your sites.
  • Google wants Plus to become the central experience of search.  So content discovery, SERPs and even ad delivery may be based on Plus profile information.
  • "View Ripples" in Google Plus is a great way to see the effects of an action or event.

Keyword Research

There are so many tools available to help you with keyword research!  We shouldn't just stick with one particular method of gathering keyword data.

  • Tools like SpyFu and Soovle help you expand your keywords, and get you thinking "outside of the box".
  • The competitive landscape is fluid, so your keyword research strategy needs to adapt to the market.
  • You must have knowledge of the business, including an understanding of profit drivers, where the revenue comes from and the overall business goals.

Search Engine Penalties

We've all heard the stories surrounding the Panda algorithm update from Google.  If you've been penalized, there are a few things you can do.

  • Rule out the easy culprits.  Check the Robots.txt file, the meta tags and even egregious server downtime.
  • Perform competitive intel.  A drop in rankings is not always blamed on a penalty.
  • Work, work, work!  Be legitimate!  Confess your sins to Google and promise to be good from now on!


This is one of the hottest topics in marketing right now.  This is the process of studying consumers' responses to marketing efforts.

  • Social interaction before a deal is made has proven to decrease business failures by 45%.
  • Neuroscientists proved GoDaddy’s superbowl ad was bad (from a neuroscientific brain activity generator viewpoint) but GoDaddy’s had some of the highest website traffic as a result.

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Boyd Norwood

Written by Boyd Norwood

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