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4 commonsense ways to sell more stuff on your website

When people come to your site, they are looking for one thing, and one thing only.

For us, our visitors are looking for one product: Top Search Engine Rankings. That’s really it.

Sure, they might want top rankings to get more traffic, sales, or to be above their hated competitors, whatever. But, regardless of why, when they come to us it boils down to top rankings.

They wouldn’t search “SEO” or “SEO company” in Google, then click to our site hoping to find a creative advertising agency. They usually don’t initially come to our site for social media or PPC or website conversion or whatever (although those are great supplemental services for a complete search marketing strategy). And just like our visitors, your visitors are similarly looking for just one thing.

So, what’s my point?

Address the main point.

Don’t mess around.

Make it simple.

Here are 4 commonsense ways how NOT to mess around so you can sell more stuff:

1. Directly punch your visitors in the face with what they have come to see

That’s right. Hit ’em where it counts. Make sure your site has a clear, powerful, influencing message — which should include points 2-4 below.

2. Show why you’re really good at it

Whether you have proprietary technology, proven strategies, superb quality products, awards, third-party validation, etc., show that quickly. And remember to SHOW why you are awesome, don’t just TELL us you’re awesome. There’s a big difference.

3. Show how you’ve successfully done it for someone else

This kind of merges into the previous point. Testimonials, case studies, stats, etc., show that you’ve done it for someone else and that you can do it for the visitor.

4. And most importantly, give them an easy way to buy it

Sometimes, it really is this simple.