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Really BAD Design Advice

blog-header.jpgEveryone – and I mean EVERYONE – has something to say when it comes to the best and the most effective designs. Of course, you really need to be careful whose advice you actually take. Some of it may be… less than reliable.

Say, for example:

How Design Impacts Digital Marketing

A fresh, professional design can have a huge impact on how your customers behave on your website. If, for example, a few too many of the “suggestions” in the above SlideShare apply to your website, you’re going to have a harder time convincing customers to make a purchase from you instead of the competition.

Of course, it’s about more than just avoiding bad design. Trying too hard to make something look cool instead of making it functional may make you look like some of those “experts” if you’re not careful. However, there are a lot of design elements that can positively influence your customers. Everything from how you style content to where you place images and navigational elements can be the difference between a new customer and another click on the back button.

There are many things your designer needs to know, but once you settle on your marketing goals, you can use good design principles to get the most out of your campaign. Start by AVOIDING EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAW in the SlideShare, and you’ll already be ahead of a surprisingly large portion of your competition.

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Kaylee White

Written by Kaylee White

As a kid, Kaylee couldn't decide between becoming an artist or a scientist. She found the best of both worlds when she discovered graphic design. Today, she designs professionally and loves that she gets to solve problems, be creative, have fun, and call it a career.

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