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Key partnerships, record sales and high retention rate enabled the SEO company to double its revenue, double its clients, and more than double its staff.

SALT LAKE CITY – Ash Buckles settled in to his desk at SEO.com, opened up his laptop and discovered a spreadsheet with an ever-growing list of clients; nearly twice as much as the year before.

“To experience this level of growth during hard economic times, we’re very grateful and optimistic about the coming year,” said Buckles, the president of SEO.com.

In 2010, SEO.com helped propel 5,755 client keywords to the first page of Google, which delivered a return on investment for those clients of more than 1,000 percent. Client retention is currently above 90 percent.

“Those stats are the reason for our success,” Buckles said. “We’re thrilled to provide our clients SEO services that get top search engine rankings, increases traffic and provides a big return so they can grow their companies.”

In the last six months, SEO.com may have experienced its biggest success, including its highest client retention rate, its highest sales months, and the most profitable months in the company’s four-year history. SEO.com also received various awards, including being named to the Mountain West Emerging Eight and the Utah Business Emerging Elite.

“We’ve hired so much new talent that our staff meetings have become standing room only,” Buckles said.

SEO.com added 65 new employees in 2010. To accommodate the growth, the SEO company installed 64 cubicles, added 71 chairs, 73 monitors, 76 laptops, 65 keyboards and mouses, one microwave, one ping pong table, 1,000 garbage liners, 84 paper towel rolls, and 720 toilet paper rolls (about 29 miles worth of toilet paper).

“That adds up to nearly 10,000 pounds,” said Rod Lee, SEO.com vice president of finance. “It’s about the total weight of an elephant.”

If SEO.com continues this pace, it will be shopping for a larger office this year, which would be about a year ahead of the management’s predictions.

About SEO.com
SEO.com is a search engine optimization firm that delivers a big ROI for its clients by driving traffic to their websites through aggressive search engine marketing. SEO.com then turns those visitors into sales through search-optimized Web design and conversion optimization. Clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. For more information, visit https://www.seo.com/