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The search engine marketing company adds four SEO specialists and a director of business development. The Utah SEO company has grown more than 300 percent since last fall.

PROVO, Utah (June 23, 2009) – SEO.com continues to buck the layoff-trend seen around the country by adding more top talent to its team. In June, the Utah SEO company hired five positions: four SEO specialists and a director of business development.

“I’m excited about the continued growth of our company. We hired a bunch of great people who are already contributing the success of our company,” said David Bascom, president and CEO.

The growth of the company, Bascom said, is also a reflection of industry strength. Especially in this economy, businesses are looking for ways to grow and keep expenses down. As a result, SEO and Internet marketing services are in demand.

“Search engine marketing works. It targets customers in a direct and effective way. For less than the cost of traditional marketing, SEO allows companies to reach potential customers at the precise moment when they are ready to buy,” Bascom said. “It’s measurable and yields a high return on investment.”

SEO.com’s growing clientele includes both large corporations and small businesses. The company’s success is bringing it more attention nationwide, including a top 10 national ranking by PromotionWorld. SEO.com manages more than 100 clients that range from small companies to large corporations like Dell Computers, Mrs. Fields and Alphagraphics.

“The new hires will enable us to maintain the quality of service we give to each of our clients, while at the same time, help us continue to add more, quality companies as clients,” Bascom said.

As a result of the growth of SEO.com, the company plans move to a larger office in Bluffdale, Utah this summer.

SEO.com June New Hires:

Jared Winger, director of business development.
For the past five years, Winger owned a successful marketing and promotion company where he specialized in designing and incorporating referrals, sales, and loyalty programs to increase sales. From groups of 500 to the individual business owner, he has trained thousands in sales and promotion strategies and tools. He has first-hand experience with SEO from the business owner’s perspective, and is excited to help companies see how SEO can help their businesses succeed. He will focus on building business relationships and will be heading up a new partner referral program at SEO.com.

Rick Hardman, SEO Specialist
Before coming to SEO.com, Hardman was an SEO specialist for Orangesoda.com. He became an Internet marketing specialist in 2003 with Bright Builders. There, he also worked as an Internet business coach and shared his Internet marketing expertise with more than 2,000 clients. He lives with his wife and four kids in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Suzanne Smoot, SEO Specialist
Smoot is currently studying advertising at BYU, and plans on graduating in 2010. After being introduced to search engine optimization in one of her early classes, she knew that SEO would become paramount for any business to succeed. She brings a combination of advertising expertise with knowledge of SEO.

Nathan Blair, SEO Specialist
Blair has turned his hobby of blogging, social networking and optimizing Web sites into a career as an SEO specialist with SEO.com. He has a degree in history at the University of Utah, and spent a few years working in real estate and software marketing. Blair is currently earning an MBA at Westminster College.

Andrew Chesnut, SEO Specialist
Chesnut has been in the Internet marketing industry for the past year working for IoVentures, Inc. and other freelance search engine optimization projects. He is pursuing a degree in Information Systems at BYU. Before working in SEO, Chesnut was an RPO recruiter working contracts with Wal-Mart, McGraw Hill and Palm.

About SEO.com
SEO.com is an Internet marketing firm that specializes in organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) management. SEO.com has helped numerous clients climb to the top of Google for their targeted keywords. Clients range from small, startup businesses to Fortune 100 companies. For more information about SEO.com, visit https://www.seo.com.