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In an economy comparable to a stormy sea, where many companies struggle to keep their heads above water, SEO.com has found solid ground, having been recognized several times this year for its rapid growth and increasing revenue. As the year closes, SEO.com is celebrating its success after receiving a handful of awards.

“We’ve seen continued growth and prosperity,” said Ash Buckles, president of SEO.com. “Our employees have amped up both the quality of their work, as well as their efficiency. We’re proud to have a team that dedicates themselves to our clients.”

SEO.com grew during the recession as many other businesses closed their doors. The search marketing company has been so successful that within the past two years its staff has expanded from about 45 employees to nearly 100.

Internet marketing remains a hot sector despite the lingering slow economy, according to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization. Some officials expect online marketing to grow to a $20 billion industry in 2012.

SEO.com grew during the last recession because business owners must promote themselves even in a sluggish economy, said Mike Hohl, director of sales and marketing for SEO.com.

“Businesses are usually more successful when marketing budgets are not cut during tough economic times,” Hohl explained. “Innovation and maintaining your level of marketing is critical.”

Because results from online marketing are easily tracked, companies hire SEO.com after ending advertising contracts with newspapers and magazines that are unable to reach the growing audience online.

SEO.com received several awards this year for its Internet marketing service, including being named the top search engine optimization firm by Website Magazine. SEO.com was part of MountainWest Capital Network’s Emerging Elite for the third year in a row, and was placed among the top 20 e-commerce businesses in Utah and the Emerging Eight by Utah Business magazine, which recognizes some of the fastest-growing companies in the state.

Additionally, TopSEOs.com bumped SEO.com up 38 spots to No. 7 on its list of the top 50 search engine optimization companies in the United States.

“We’re absolutely committed to reputable, high-quality search engine optimization,” said Jon Reese, director of marketing at SEO.com. “I’m thrilled to see our skilled employees getting the recognition they deserve. This is a huge win for the entire company.”

About SEO.com

SEO.com is a search engine optimization company that delivers a big return on investment for its clients by driving traffic to their websites through aggressive SEM services. Clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies.