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The SEO company is providing Ascend Humanitarian Alliance $30,000 worth of search marketing services to help needy children in third-world countries. 

SALT LAKE CITY – SEO.com has partnered with ASCEND, A Humanitarian Alliance, to boost the charitable organization’s online presence, and to ultimately help poverty-stricken children by increasing awareness and donations.

“Over the years, ASCEND has done tremendous work, whether its building schools and hospitals, cleaning water or providing leadership and skills to people in third world countries,” said Nelson James, president of SEO.com. “We wanted to be part of that.”

SEO.com, an SEO company and search marketing firm, is providing $30,000 worth of online marketing services to increase website traffic and turn more of that traffic into donations. SEO.com will also give the international charity for children 15 percent of any funds from clients ASCEND refers.

“We’re grateful for SEO.com’s efforts in helping us have a broader presence online,” said Carolyn Dailey, president and CEO of ASCEND. “We’ll be able to reach more people who are willing to give up a few dollars to help kids in need.”

ASCEND sends expeditions to countries like Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mozambique and Ethiopia to help build schools and hospitals; provide education and onsite training; medical services; and to build facilities like irrigations systems, wells, pumps, sanitary latrines, stoves, green houses, food storage systems, and community centers.

“Many children in these countries would be without clean water, shelter and other basic things we take for granted, if not for what ASCEND has done,” James said. “But it takes money to accomplish ASCEND’s goals. By helping Ascend get more website traffic, we hope to significantly increase donations and volunteers for this exceptional organization.”

ASCEND is a unique organization of caring people who make a difference at home and around the world by offering the tools and resources for life-changing programs in education, enterprise, health and simple technology. ASCEND strives to Empower those in need to ASCEND out of poverty. It educates and empowers communities in need to achieve sustainability and end the cycle of poverty. For more information, visit http://www.ascendalliance.org/