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The Utah-based search engine marketing company outgrew its old home; moves from Provo to a larger office in Salt Lake County to make room for further expansion.

SALT LAKE CITY (Aug. 6, 2009) — After two years in Utah County — most recently in the Novell Technology Center building in Provo — SEO.com has moved a few miles north to the Porter Rockwell Center located at the point of the mountain in Bluffdale, Utah.

“The Technology Center at Novell was a great home for us,” said David Bascom, president and CEO of SEO.com. “Fortunately we’ve enjoyed great success, and as a result, we outgrew our space in less than a year. The offices in Salt Lake County give us room to grow and it’s in a perfect location for our growing company.”

SEO.com is an Internet marketing firm that is now located on the Utah and Salt Lake County border, just off Interstate 15. Despite the recent tough economic times, SEO.com has grown more than 300 percent since last fall, and hired about 20 people since April. Bascom plans on continuing to add new clients and more employees throughout the year.

“As a result of our rapid expansion, we’ve been able to add graphic designers, Web developers and copywriters to form a dynamic marketing team,” said Ash Buckles, director of search engine optimization for SEO.com. “The new office will benefit everyone and will help us continue to add top talent from across the Wasatch Front.”

In recent months, SEO.com has been named one of the Top 10 SEO Companies by PromotionWorld.com and among the top 25 best young companies in Utah by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. Nelson James, the vice president of SEO.com, said the new office is just another step in the company’s ambitious goals.

“The new office will be more convenient for clients and will attract talented marketers. The presence next to the freeway will also help establish ourselves as a player in Utah,” James said. “We are building a national reputation for honest work with proven results, and we are committed to staying that way.”

About SEO.com
SEO.com is an Internet marketing firm that specializes in organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) management. SEO.com has helped numerous clients climb to the top of Google for their targeted keywords. Clients range from small, startup businesses to Fortune 100 companies. For more information about SEO.com, visit www.SEO.com