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Around this time 4 years ago the nation faced a financial crisis, a slumping economy and consumers and businesses were cutting back in every way they could. The year was 2008, and SEO.com and 499 other companies marched forward to expand their business and as a result are listed on Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies in America for 2012. SEO.com was named the 491st fasted growing company, based on a 774.1% revenue growth from 2008- 2011.

Online Marketing Industry

SEO.com along with 56 other companies in the advertising and marketing industry, make up the second largest group in the Inc. 500, behind IT services.

Online marketing is the future of all marketing,” said SEO.com Vice President Greg Shuey. “The beautiful thing about online marketing is that it is so easy to track and put a return on. You will continue to see an upward trend in how much companies are spending on online marketing vs. offline.”

More than half of the 57 companies listed in the advertising and marketing industry cater specifically to the internet. SEO.com is one of 12 companies that specialize in search engine optimization. The others are:

Shuey noted that the amount of money spent on SEO services will continue to grow for years to come.

SEO, when done correctly and long term, drives crazy insane ROI and this is why more and more businesses are investing their marketing dollars in SEO,” he noted.

Utah Based Companies

SEO.com was among 13 Utah based companies that made the list. Metro areas with the most Inc. 500 companies include, Washington D.C. (52), New York City (39) and Los Angeles (32).

Utah is a fantastic place to start and grow a business. With three large universities (University of Utah, BYU, and Utah Valley University) within a 40 mile radius, there is a ton of talent coming out each year,” Shuey said. “The talented are either starting their own businesses, or joining the thriving tech companies helping them to grow even bigger. It’s a beautiful thing!”

Here’s a look at the other Utah companies that have been named to the Inc. 500 and what they do:

  • No. 17 Campus Book Rentals
    Rents textbooks to nearly 1 million college students nationwide.
  • No. 19 Complete Merchant Solutions
    Processes electronic payments and sells point-of-sale software, terminals and machines. Also sells e-commerce and wireless products and services.
  • No. 53 Edge Homes
    Based in Orem, Utah Edge homes build model homes for customers primarily in Utah.
  • No. 55 MediaForge
    Specialized in keeping track of visitors to client’s sites and displaying ads to them as they visit other sites.
  • No. 70 VRx
    VRx provides pharmacy-benefit services for companies and insurance carriers.
  • No. 83 Bohme
    Bohme operates 15 women’s boutiques in malls throughout the Intermountain West.
  • No. 130 Central Logic
    Central Logic develops software for managing patient flow at hospitals.
  • No. 143 Four Food Group Holdings
    Four Foods owns and operates restaurants throughout Utah, Colorado NV and AZ. Their primary brand includes Kneaders Bakery & Café.
  • No. 228 Real Property Management
    Based out of Layton, Real provides management services for owners and investors of residential rental property.
  • No. 282 Citadel Insurance Services
    Based in American Fork, Citadel Insurance Service underwrites liability and other insurance for companies in a variety of industries including health care, energy and manufacturing.
  • No. 297 Public Engines
    Creator of a cloud-based crime-mapping network used by law enforcements, governments, and other organizations to prevent and reduce criminal activity.
  • No. 481 MyNaturalMarket
    MyNaturalMarket sells Natural and organic vitamins, personal-care items and other products online.

Besides SEO.com, two other Mike Mann companies, DomainMarket and Phone.com were also named to the Inc. 500.

It’s been five years of fast growth. It’s been chaotic, it’s been stressful, but staying true to our roots of delivering a service customized to what our clients need and value has helped us achieve such tremendous growth,” concluded Shuey.

Congrats to all of the companies that have been named one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine! For the full list and story, visit Inc.com.