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In this week’s installment of the Online Content Collective, we are sharing recent posts centered on creating a community without content, PPC campaign analysis, and social media reporting.

Building a Community without Content

Mack Fogelson answers the questions of whether it’s possible for a company to have a community without having content with an emphatic “No, but…” on the Mack Web Solutions blog. While sharing the content of others is valuable and important, if you aren’t adding your own voice and solutions, you’ll suffer significantly in the all important engagement factor within your community. The “but” however, is that sharing the work of others can be a good bridge while you develop your own valuable content.

PPC Account Audit Guide

PPC account management is all about analyzing past performance and adjusting properly. Nicholas Viggiano shares steps to perform solid account audits on the SEER Interactive blog. While everyone has their own way of auditing accounts, this four step guide makes things simple and quick, and also includes the crucial inclusion of new eyes to catch what you’ve been overlooking. The framework is based on reviewing the organization of the account, creating a scoring system to quantify the more subjective elements of the account, getting peer review, and the manual review of the display of your ads.

Social Engagement Metrics that Matter

Moz’s Jen Lopez reviews the best social metrics to monitor in order to better understand how effectively your utilizing your social media accounts. While this still doesn’t help quantify the economic value of your social efforts, it does offer up a solid framework for better tracking your performance over time and across platforms. And while a only a small difference, by converting actions like “Shares” and tweets into metrics such as amplification rate, conversation rate, and applause rate, we lose a little bit of the abstraction of these actions and are slightly, but constantly reminded of what we are really trying to achieve.

Now that we’ve shared what we felt were some of the better articles we came across this past week, please let us know what compelling marketing advice you’ve seen published lately.