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Current Social Media Trends

If you are not popular then you can look forward to dying at a young age with a wail-inducing bank account. Well your business will anyway, you can continue to live your hermit-like existence if you please.

Business success is much like winning a popularity contest or at least achieving the status of one of the nominees. You need the approval and engagement of the masses, which is why you will have to dust off and proudly display the wings of your social butterfly. If you don’t know how to best manage the social media accounts for your business getting those 23 likes can feel like begging for change in the Wal-Mart diaper aisle. Check out this week’s content collective to learn more about the social media trends of 2014.

Social Media and the Super Bowl

Have you tweeted #Esurancesave30 yet? If not don’t fret about it, one of the millions of other tweeters tweeters will have one less person to beat out for the $1.5 million prize.

A good number of businesses tied social media marketing to their Super Bowl television ads. However, none of them achieved the success that Esurance has had with their campaign. Instead of paying for a $4 million dollar commercial slot during the game, they decided to purchase the spot just after the game ended. This saved the company $1.5 million, which they are offering to one lucky individual out of the millions that have tweeted #Esurancesave30 so far.

The Moz Guide to Social Media

If you are looking to launch or upgrade your business’s social media campaigns then you will want to check out the Moz blog’s new beginner guide to social media.

This comprehensive resource can be used as an aid to build or improve your social media strategy. It offers fundamental information about social media marketing as well as specifics about individual platforms and best practices that encompass the sphere of social media marketing. When almost 90 percent of businesses are currently using social media to engage their customers can you really afford not to?

Are you a Social Media Failure?

Failure can be a great instrument for learning but it can also be embarrassing. It is especially embarrassing when you are a social media failure because everyone you are trying to influence can see your pathetic attempts at social engagement.

Although businesses are embracing social media as a marketing tool, many of them fail to implement effective campaigns and strategies. Some of these companies have social media profiles that they rarely update or use, others post random content in the hopes that they will realize their goals and some manage to get a little customer interaction but do not gain any leads or revenue through their activities. Learn more about social media marketing and avoid the doom that comes with being a social media failure.