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Well, it’s official: Hell has finally frozen over OR Andy has decided to give me another shot at coming up with this week’s Online Content Collective for the SEO.com blog. I’m going to guess it’s both a little of column A and a bit of column B because I hear that when it’s summer here, it’s winter in Hell. WINTER IS COMING.

With that plug for the fabulous skiing in Hell out of the way, let’s get down to the business of the OCC. I tend to gravitate more towards the social side of things and frankly, I’m fascinated with the continuous outpouring of marketing trends moving towards social media. If you are any type of consumer, then social media has become a regular “habit” of your daily life. If it’s not checking your Facebook or Twitter profiles, then it’s posting your recent vacation pictures on Instagram. So, how do companies take advantage of these social outlets to create a stronger presence online and turn those into money making opportunities?

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

One of the things that we continually experience in the SEO world is that even though many companies see the potential in driving customers to their website through the use of social media channels, those same companies are not experiencing an increase in sales. They can’t seem to get the follow through and conversions that they so desperately need. Whether that is a fault in strategy or focus, you will want to spend some time doing the research and back work to see if a social media marketing scheme is ideal for your business.

If you do decide that it is worth the risk to develop a social media scheme for your company, take a look at the five tips in this article to help you become successful with it. The basics are:

  1. Engage with Your Audience – Open every part of your website to the idea of a social share. A simple social share can be an incredibly powerful tool to your success.
  2. Avoid Overselling – Engage your audience without selling to them.
  3. Get Visually Creative – Fill your website with photos, motivational quotes, colorful graphics and other various examples that customers will like and want to share.
  4. Measure and Improve – Know what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of ways to access the traffic data to gain further knowledge.
  5. Sweeten the Deal – Make customers feel special through exclusive offers highlighted through posts on the various social channels.

The bottom line here is that you have to know your customer in order for your eCommerce site to take advantage of the various social channels. Take a look at the full article to

How are Marketers Using Social Media for Business?

Recently, Social Media Examiner published their findings on how marketers are using social media to develop their business. They surveyed nearly 3000 participants from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to see what tools and social media outlets they were using and what their different strategies were.

There were a few key takeaways from this report: the first, being that the more time a social media marketer spent in the different social channels, the more successful they were in cultivating a better social image for their company. Also, if that company had a more firm foundation in social marketing, they had a higher rate of success then those who were dabbling in the online world.

A major find was that original written content or using original visual content were the most important with regards to social media marketing. Many of those polled stated that they were either going focus more on writing or continue to increase their numbers in blogging or creating original content.

Lastly, those surveyed responded that the top three social media outlets that mattered most were (in order) Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Through this poll, we can see that social media has not only taken roots in many companies, but seems to be moving towards a standard idea of marketing outreach.

10 Things You Need to Know About Social Marketing Right Now

Everybody loves a good list, right? If you were to search a “How To” topic, you’re going to get a plethora of them. A what? A plethora. Oh yes, you have a plethora. Anyway, According to this great article, here are 10 things you should know about social marketing:

  1. Social media is finally taking a front seat. Reports suggest that 92% of marketers are sold on the idea of social marketing.
  2. Marketers are slowly cracking the code on social ROI (Return on Investment) and are being able to show better results than they have in the past.
  3. Optimizing web pages and blogs, specifically, for mobile devices has become a priority. More people get their online fix through their mobile device.
  4. Marketers are spending more time on social. As stated above, the more experienced a marketer is in social media, the more apt they are to use it.
  5. Social benefits are getting much better. This means that companies are seeing an increase in sales, leads, and web traffic, while lowering their normal marketing spend.
  6. Blogging continues to increase. If you haven’t got on the blogging bandwagon by now, you will be left in the dust.
  7. Google+ is still a mystery, but marketers are beginning to slowly understand how to use it and be advantageous with it as well.
  8. Podcasting has continued to increase as well. While it may only be a small percentage of those who used it last year, three times that amount are doing it this year.
  9. Facebook is king. As previously stated, marketing are making their money through ads posted on Facebook.
  10. Content is king as well. Companies have seen that creating original content is boosting their shares as well as their revenue.

Hopefully, through these three articles, you can get a better sense of why social media marketing is no longer just an idea to try, but slowly becoming the mainstay in a marketer’s arsenal of tools.