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We’re back this week with another collection of great articles and resources from around the web. We start off with a look at some really interesting and detailed data behind the recent switch from the old Adwords Tool to the new Google Keyword Planner. Then we get a SlideShare that has almost everything you need to know about building up your own community – even if your particular industry or niche is considered boring, and round it out with a look at some best practices for content outreach and promotion.

Andy Eliason Recommends:

Something’s Fishy in the State of Google’s New Keyword Tool

Heads up. Lots of numbers, charts and data incoming – but in a very interesting way. Google recently turned off the old Adwords Keywords Tool and officially switched over to the Keyword Planner. One of the new features is the incorporation of mobile device searches when calculating search volume, which would suggest that those numbers should increase across the board. In the article posted on the Conductor Blog, we learn that this might not always be the case. In fact, there were some instances in which volume actually went down.

So what, exactly, is going on?

In this test, they analyzed more than 550,000 keywords to see what is going on with the new tool. The anomalies they found are very interesting. Does it mean that there is more going on with the tool than just the inclusion of mobile search data? Will this affect how you do keyword research?

Colby Hooley Recommends:

Are We There Yet? A 12-Month Community Building Case Study

In Colby’s own words, this SlideShare is: “Just awesome. Freaking awesome.” Mackenzie Fogelson shared her experience building up a community in an industry that is generally considered a “boring” niche.

Social media is an intrinsic part of modern content marketing, and your community is an invaluable resource that should be cultivated and cared for every step of the way. Take some time to really look at all the lessons learned throughout the year-long campaign and get some actionable insights into how they managed it.

Albert Mitchell Recommends:

Content Marketing Fairy Dust

Active outreach and promotion are huge components of the content marketing picture. According to this BuzzStream blog, once we’ve taken the time to generate some amazing blog, ebook, whitepaper, infographic, whatever, we should be ready to spend at least that much time doing outreach, promotion, and more to ensure it actually gets read.

While the old link building model doesn’t have any place in modern marketing, there are some simple and effective things you can do to get the great links you need, and, more importantly, build lasting relationships.