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With the demand for SEO services higher than it has ever been, SEO.com has launched a new Members Site to accommodate those who want the benefits of search engine optimization without having to spend thousands of dollars.

The Members Site, http://members.seo.com, focuses on 3 crucial areas of do-it-yourself SEO: education, tools, and support. With these areas under control, your SEO efforts will become much easier.

In the education section of the website, members will find instructional videos that cover subjects ranging from title tags to progressive enhancement. They will also have access to video Q&As, SEO documents and weekly webinars. During the webinars, different subjects are taught live, and members will have the chance to ask questions and receive instant answers during the presentation. Various subjects will be taught by different SEO.com employees who specialize in that particular field. The best part is that all webinars are archived, so you can easily access any past discussions. This section alone gives you the boost you need to start your SEO campaign right.

The tools collected here will help you run a competitive analysis, do keyword research and use our own proprietary Suck Rank tool. Tools are a necessary component for research in any SEO or PPC campaign. If we don’t have a tool that you are looking for, it will probably be added very soon. Developing new tools for our members is at the top of our priority list.

SEO.com is committed to providing members with the support they need, when they need it. We want to make sure that your search engine optimization campaigns won’t fall apart if things get difficult. If questions arise regarding any aspect of SEO, members can access our large database of frequently asked questions, submit a support ticket, or even get live help from a Search Engine Specialist.

We want our members to succeed in their SEO efforts and we are here to help! We are offering memberships at an introductory price of only $47/month. This price will not last forever. I’m not going to say it’s only available for the next 5 minutes, or until midnight, or even for the next 20 people. But the price WILL increase and if you subscribe now, you will lock in the $47 price for the life of your membership!

Suggestions are always welcome. We want to continually improve all areas of the site and hope to see our members succeed.

There is also the opportunity to become an affiliate of our new Members Site. For more information on becoming an affiliate visit http://members.seo.com/affiliates.