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We are constantly asked what people can do to optimize their YouTube videos as well as their channel. In this post I am going to outline how to optimize and create titles.

I am not going to get into content creation, how to make videos in this post, or other optimization tips. I will be doing that at a later date. These tips will only work for videos which you feel people would like to watch and search for.

Optimize the Title – In order to optimize the title, you should decide which keywords you would like to optimize for. Previous to creating the video you should have check the Google Adwords keyword tool as well as have decided what phrases are pertinent to your industry. (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal)

Let’s say we are experts in making potato chips. We sell books and other material on the subject.


Now it’s time to decide on a title. Use the YouTube suggested search as well to help you see what some of the searches are on YouTube for your keyword.

It is advisable to check out what some of these searches return before you use any of these keywords.


Use of your site’s analytics data can also be helpful to get some ideas.

After looking at a few videos, evaluating the keywords from Adwords, YouTube suggest, and analytics, it’s time to write a title. This is not science and you may or may not change this title multiple times to test your results.

My title example:

Make Homemade Potato Chips – Recipe and Video Guide by Mom’s Chips

The first part of this uses high volume keywords as well as some variation on suggested search in YouTube. The second part of this title gives the reader a sense of value before clicking. They already know that you will show them the recipe as well as the walkthrough of how to make the chips. The third part is a push towards branding. This may or may not work. If you have a video with an introduction that brands you, you may consider leaving this out.

I hope this helps those of you that are on YouTube already or are looking to get started. Title creation is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your videos. As I mentioned earlier, more tips and explanations will be appearing on our blog in the next few weeks.