Are You Asking The Right SEO Questions? Part 1


The questions you ask affect the answers you get. Simply wording your questions differently with clarity and insight can change their purpose. Are you asking the right SEO questions? Have you lost sight of what is really important in your SEO?

The following “Question Graphic” asks direct questions about important characteristics of search engine optimization.

This video was part of the inspiration for the “Question Graphic.”

Stay tuned for next week’s post, Questions We All Wonder But Never Think To Ask.

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  1. Dan Richey says

    Great infographic!! I love how it depicts that each of those things are necessary for success in SEO. Sometimes people get stuck on one of them or do not put appropriate emphasis on all that will help them. Each component you listed has its role.

  2. Thomas smith says

    Hello “Nelson Scoville”
    Thanks for an informative post on “SEO”. I was looking for the information and researching on it when I stumbled upon your post. Thanks again

  3. Sarah says

    I like how the infographic basically supports diversity in your SEO campaign. Like the commenter above said, every piece has a different role.

  4. Finn Cawthorne says

    This is Just the clear and simple explanation Thank you so much. This video is simply awesome :) Lot of Ideas are used in this video for proper concept clearation

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