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With the current tough times in the market, keeping your business “out of the red” takes smart, informed financial decisions. For example, many items these days are marked down in an effort to move them quicker during the recession, which makes now a great time to stock up your inventory at a cheap price. Another example would be to find areas where you can decrease your overhead—perhaps by taking advantage of low real estate prices. But where you’ll find the real bang for your buck is search engine optimization (SEO).

So, what does “Recession Proof” really mean? The best way I could describe it is by comparing it to a very personal example—you. What steps would you take to help “recession proof” yourself? Career wise, you would try to improve your inner qualities by obtaining as many marketable skills as possible. For example, investing a little money in acquiring some computer skills can go a long way. Nunchuck skills, on the other hand, may not get you as far. Budget wise, you would strive to cut off the fat—financially. Lowering spending in areas that are not producing desired long-term results like junk food, fast food, and monthly membership fees (World of Warcraft addicts, this means you) can help the money last in those lean months. You may also look into the price of repairing something before replacing it (like a car) to avoid raising your monthly expenses.

Recession proofing your business with search engine optimization is a very similar process. Gaining more marketable skills, or improving the inner qualities, would compare nicely to optimizing your website for the best possible search engine indexing. You want the search engines to see you for what you are—a relevant and user-friendly site. “Cutting off the fat” could be achieved by replacing pricy advertising with effective SEO, focusing mainly on building relevant links to your website. The combined result would actually bring you higher in the organic listings of search results, which, get more clicks than the paid ads. This would also enable you to run a less expensive, more SEO-friendly business…and thus, recession proof.