How do I get my Site Indexed in Google?

So you have put together a website and have it published on the web. All the content is in place and all your site’s functionality is working properly. What comes next? This question can be answered by answering another question I have seen several times on the forums at and other forums that I frequently visit. This question is, “how do I get my site indexed in Google?”

How does someone get their site indexed in Google and the other search engines? I have seen many different answers to this question. Some of these answers are, “submit the site to Google” or “link to your site from blogs and forums” or even “submit your site to some directories.” While these methods may all work, there is one really effective way to get your site indexed fairly quickly in Google. I have used this method for several sites that were not indexed yet, and each site was indexed in Google within about one week. This is done by submitting a sitemap in XML format to Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

When you create your XML sitemap for Google you can also submit it to Live Search through their Webmaster Center. You should also be sure to reference your sitemap in your robots.txt file. To reference it, just add the following line to your robots.txt file and insert your own domain name.

  • Sitemap:

Submitting a sitemap doesn’t mean you don’t have to do those other things I mentioned as answers to getting indexed. Building inbound links to your site will not only help with getting indexed, but will also help with improving the rankings of your site. You should continue to look for good places to get inbound links. Directories, social media, blogs, and forums are just some of the places where inbound links can be acquired. But building inbound links is a topic for another blog post.

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  1. Sandra says

    Good tips on how to get the site indexed. However, while submitting to Google and to the webmaster tool will get the site indexed most of the times, they do take considerable amount of time to get the result. Few methods below can get a site indexed lot faster, often within the same day:

    by having a backlink from moderate to high traffic site (googlebot visits those sites several times a day)
    by submitting the site to top dofollow social bookmarking sites
    by using the RSS feed in your recent blog section on a popular forum where you have lot of activities, etc

  2. Dustin Williams says

    Actually I have set up several new sites recently that were not indexed in Google and all of them got indexed within a week of submitting an XML sitemap to Google through Webmaster Tools. You don’t need any inbound links from high traffic sites, or to submit it to any social bookmarking sites. You don’t even need to have a blog on your site.

  3. Sandra says

    There are different ways of doing things. My comment was just to add some flavor and to offer some additional ways of getting indexed. Since I do link building for my sites anyways, I personally find it easier to get indexed thru backlinks and consider submitting sitemap as an added step that I dont have to go thru. But then again, thats just me. :)

  4. Shelley says

    You can scream, cry, create site maps and submit you website manually a thousand times; without backlinks from already indexed website it is going to be a long time before your entire website is crawled by google.

  5. says

    I have actually seen this many times where without a single known link from another site, a site will get crawled, indexed, and ranked in Google within days of being registered, hosted, and live. True it is possible that there could have been some link to the site out there, but I doubt it. I think it’s possible that Google has other ways of finding sites, one of which is probably the webmaster account.

  6. Karl says

    I have found the webmastertools offer by google quite powerful for getting my site indexed in the past, however just recentley I have noticed abit of a slump and a few of my new sites aren’t showing up so quick – I guess its just a case of patience.

    Anyhow, thanks for a great article!


  7. Ricky says

    A week is still a long time to get indexed if you build just a couple of backlinks and ping the site your be indexed the next day.

  8. Dustin Williams says

    Try adding Adsense ads to the pages of your website. I have been able to get brand new sites indexed within 24hrs of placing Adsense ads on the website.

  9. Miguel says

    I follow these steps for my website but it takes to much time. But after submitting my site in twitter/stumble and high social bookmarking site it indexed much faster.

  10. Ethan Poltrack says

    Great stuff thanks. I have always found by creating a link with youtube almost defiantly gets me indexed pretty fast. Thanks again

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