Slims Down in Company Fitness Contest

The digital marketing agency blasts away the pounds in a fitness competition to claim coveted tech prizes.

Dale salesman, Dale Nguyen, sits in a Bod Pod to discover his total body fat percentage.

SALT LAKE CITY – It doesn’t take much to get a team of tech-savvy geeks to trim down and shape up – just a few, sweet tech prizes.

“Mention ‘iPad,’ or ‘Dell Mini 5,’ and then mix in a little friendly competition, and the employees here will do the rest,” said Dave Bascom, CEO of, a search marketing firm.

To improve the fitness and the overall health of his employees, Bascom is awarding the person who loses the highest percentage of body fat by June 1 a $500 prize of their choosing. as a whole may benefit in multiple ways with the competition. A study done in 2005 by the American College of Sports Medicine said workers who regularly exercise are more productive, managed time better, and worked better with their co-workers. Studies also show that employees who exercise regularly have fewer sick days, and less health-related expenses.

“If nothing else, we’ll all be a little healthier in 90 days after doing this for three months,” Bascom said. “And the In-N-Out Burger that just opened up by our office may not get as much business for awhile.”

Early on, the competition is already heating up.

“Nothing’s keeping me away from that iPad,” said David Malmborg, senior SEO specialist.

“I don’t want to win just for the iPad,” said Tyson Hymas, senior SEO specialist, “I want to win to beat Malmborg.” employees are coming up with different strategies to lose body fat. Hymas will be following the P90X exercise program and the diet Brad Pitt used to get in shape for the movie, “Fight Club.” Tiana Smith, a copywriter, will be following a routine set up by her personal trainer. Others have more creative tactics.

“You have to have a strategy for yourself; then you have to have another strategy to sabotage the competition,” said Scott Cowley, SEO manager. “I’ve used my social networks to find recipes for innocent looking, but highly fatty treats, which I will be putting around the office.”

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  1. Jerry Pollares says

    Wow, great idea for increasing the overall health of your employees!
    More people should get on board with this idea.

  2. I. Rachman, M.D. says

    Very cool way to promote healthy habits on the job! As i’m learning the seo tips from your blog, feel free to check out mine for more ideas on simple ways to lose weight, low cal recipes, etc.


  3. Devon Sutherland says

    I like the idea, very “unique” after sitting at my computer for hours on end building website tutorials I could do with one of these (or just some exercise in general!) sadle the in-and-out burger would get my business ever time!

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