Survives 2nd Whitewater Trip

We brought about 40 people on our second annual rafting trip with Holiday Expeditions last month. Surprisingly, a bunch of SEO geeks survived a weekend together with thunderstorms, blazing sun, chocolate-milk water full of tree stumps and cacti, two nights camping, intense water fights, frogs in sleeping bags, hiking in Canyonlands National Park, noodling for catfish, and more than 23 of the country’s most intense whitewater rapids in Cataract Canyon.

Holiday Expeditions pampered us along the way with entertaining guides, excellent food like steaks, omelets, chicken-Caesar salad wraps, blueberry pancakes and lasagna. Props to them; they put on a great trip.

Peruse our adventures:

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  1. Lori Gilson says

    What an amazing trip! Loved the water, loved the camping, loved the scenery, loved the guides, loved the food.

    I highly recommend Holiday Expeditions as a tour company. They really can’t be beat.

    • says

      Ha, very nice point, Minstrel. The only white in that water was the foam that amassed in the eddies. Rainstorms muddied up that water enough to look like the chocolate river in the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

  2. JT says

    That looks like fun. The water reminds me of when I was young we used to play in canals that had the same type of water.

    Don’t work to hard.

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