Unveils New Website and Expanded Services

With’s new website, marketers now can utilize search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization, and search-optimized Web design to reach millions of online shoppers

SALT LAKE CITY – Businesses will invest $23.6 billion in search marketing this year, according to AdvertisingAge. With 14 billion online searches each month and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook rivaling the populations of the largest countries in the world, it’s no wonder why.

Now,, a search engine optimization company, has enabled marketers to more easily harness search engines and social media to reach the millions who are online. After three years of rapid growth and evolution, has redesigned its website and expanded its services to give marketers a more rounded strategy to drive traffic and increase online leads and sales.

“We are offering much more than just SEO, and we needed a fresh design to showcase all of it,” said Dave Bascom, president of

Until recently, has been focused almost entirely on SEO services. Now it is adjusting to its customers needs and offering other Internet marketing avenues as well. In the last year, has brought together experts in social media marketing, pay per click management, SEO Web design and conversion rate optimization. The objective in doing so is simple: Increase a client’s ROI.

“SEO is a huge part of any search marketing strategy. But it’s just one component,” Bascom said. “Combining social media, PPC, SEO-friendly Web design and conversion strategies with SEO will drastically increase traffic and sales compared to just doing one strategy alone.”

“We have moved beyond almost strictly an SEO company and have become an all-around search marketing firm,” said Chris Knudsen, vice president of marketing. “People are searching for products and services on multiple online fronts, and we’re here to help companies be found in whatever venue it might be.”

The new website also features a completely different design that helps engage visitors more with a live chat, a more interactive blog, training, webinars, forums and SEO tools.

“The new site will help businesses develop their marketing strategy, and will also be a community for other Internet marketing gurus to learn and discuss the latest trends,” Knudsen said.

About is a search marketing firm that makes its clients money by driving traffic to their websites through aggressive search engine optimization, pay per click management, and social media marketing. then turns those visitors into sales through search-optimized Web design and conversion optimization. Clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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  1. Brent Rangen says

    It’s about time!

    Seems like in SEO it can be hard to define a cookie cutter set of services. Although I have never your work first hand, you sure did a nice job with this new site!

    • Keller Tiemann says

      I must agree..

      SEO has evolved and no longer is a cookie cutter service. Each SEO campaign must be approached with a unique plan and strategy. Of course there is repeat work in every campaign, but different markets and business objectives along with changes to Google’s algorithm have created a wide array of SEO services that can be performed to enhance search engine marketing efforts performed on websites.

      I believe this is yet another new web design since the posting of this article and it looks a lot better than the previous one in my opinion. Nice work!

  2. Allen Johnson says

    Hi Dan,

    Nice article…..was expecting some more information though.
    For a succesful business, I think the most important thing need to do is to find the matching point between customer needs and your expertises. It’s really important to market about your products in way of SEO.

    Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward for more post regarding SEO.

    Appreciated (y)

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