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We partnered with Sorenson Media to combine their video expertise with our SEO strategies. Here is Sorenson Media’s news release, hot off the press:


Leading Companies in Online Video Solutions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Join Forces to Offer Better Quality, Relevance and Searchability for Video Content. Internet Video is a Green Field for Companies Looking to Achieve Online Prominence, Search Relevance.

SAN DIEGO and SALT LAKE CITY (April 12, 2010) — Sorenson Media today announced a strategic partnership with SEO.com, one of the world’s leading search engine optimization (SEO) companies, to optimize both the quality and searchability of online video content. The partnership will provide Sorenson Media customers with access to the industry-leading search optimization expertise from SEO.com, while SEO.com customers will benefit from the best-in-class online video expertise of Sorenson Media.

“This partnership — the first of its kind between two best-of-breed companies — will provide tremendous advantages for customers of both Sorenson Media and SEO.com and have a powerful impact in every market segment, from enterprise to small business,” said Eric Quanstrom, vice president of marketing for Sorenson Media. “We are committed to empowering our customers with the best solutions for creating and delivering high-quality video content online, and helping ensure that the content they create reaches its intended audience. We want them to be on page one, not buried on page 50.”

Online video content provides significant, inherent advantages for organizations looking to achieve leadership on the Internet. Online searches often yield exponentially less searchable video than text content. For example, an April 6, 2010 examination of Google Trends shows the top 10 Hot Topic searches generated more than 858 million text results, but only 158,101 video results—a ratio of 5,348-to-1. This relative lack of video competition within Google search results is balanced with the growing importance of blended or universal search, where Google presents video results alongside all other search results. In addition, there is strong and growing demand for video content and its generally-recognized strong emotional connection with viewers.

The Sorenson 360 online video platform provides automated methods for optimizing their video content for search engines, with the ability to add targeted metadata such as titles, descriptions, tags and keywords. To add SEO.com team expertise to the platform, customers need only contact a member of the Sorenson Media sales team to get started. Company team members will help refine focus and objectives. Likewise, SEO.com encourages customers interested in optimizing the quality and ease of use in their video content development, management and delivery to contact an SEO.com agent, who will offer counsel and introduce them to the appropriate Sorenson Media contacts.

“Our partnership with Sorenson Media will provide our core high-end enterprise customers with the highest-quality, most intuitive and flexible online video platform and solutions in the industry, which will in turn maximize the impact of their content on the rapidly growing viewer segment clamoring for online video,” said Dave Bascom, president and CEO of SEO.com.

SEO.com, an SEO firm founded in 2003, is an international leader in the interrelated disciplines of search engine optimization, paid search marketing, search-optimized Web design, social media and conversion optimization. In the depth of the recession, the company achieved record sales growth, including 300-plus percent monthly revenue increases in 2009. In April 2010, Website Magazine ranked SEO.com No. 2 in their list of the Top 50 SEO Firms in the world.

Sorenson Media, founded in 1995, is on the forefront of Internet video innovation. Together, the company’s total video solutions—the Sorenson 360 online video platform, the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze encoding solution, the Sorenson Spark Software Developers Kit, the Sorenson Squish browser-based encoding tool, and Sorenson SquishNet user-generated content solution—comprise the most comprehensive end-to-end platform for the creation, management and delivery of online video content. Sorenson Media’s strategic partnership with SEO.com reflects the company’s determination to keep itself and its expanding customer base on the vanguard of the online video market.

“I have no doubt that this partnership will generate and leverage tremendous synergies for both companies and for the customers we serve,” said Quanstrom. “The bottom line is that while competitors focus on siloed efforts, Sorenson Media and SEO.com are going to the heart of the issue to ensure that the highest-quality, most impactful video reaches the largest, most relevant audience.”

About Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media (www.sorensonmedia.com) offers comprehensive, award-winning solutions that empower businesses and video professionals to easily and affordably publish the highest-quality video to the Internet and other media. Included among its products and services are the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (VDN), Sorenson Media’s re-imagined video publishing platform; Sorenson Squeeze, the gold-standard for video encoding applications; Sorenson Squish and SquishNet, which together create an easy-to-use browser-based video publishing platform for user-generated content; and Sorenson Spark, the industry’s most widely used video codec, which enables mobile devices and other consumer products to playback the largest selection of video on the Internet today. Since its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been instrumental in bringing Internet video to mainstream applications and is committed to dramatically improving the online video experience for both content creators and consumers.

About SEO.com

SEO.com is a search marketing firm that makes its clients money by driving traffic to their websites through aggressive search engine optimization, pay per click management, social media marketing and other search engine marketing services. SEO.com then turns those visitors into sales through search-optimized Web design and conversion optimization. Clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies.