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Hold your horses. Slow and steady wins the race. Some things just shouldn’t be rushed. Rushing into SEO, for example, just causes confusion, poor or temporary results, and probably a loss of mental health.

This message is easily lost in a world where information is sought after aggressively and life moves at a breakneck pace. Speed is expected, and new ways to increase speed are appearing every day. Even search engines have adopted the goal of delivering instant news and information with real time indexing.

As an SEO specialist, the realistic time frame for doing SEO can be frustrating. No matter how hard I work on certain priorities right now on a site, I may not see the results until as much as three months down the road. Because of this time frame, there are a couple important items to note for both SEO companies and SEO clients.

SEO Companies: As an SEO specialist, it is important for me to slow down enough to make sure I look at where I’m going. If you keep your head down while running at a full sprint, you may look up one day to realize that you are lost. In other words:

  • Mistakes now, mean little or no progress later.
  • Spend enough time to select the right keywords, because adjustments could take months.
  • Build links to the right keywords right away to get results as soon as possible.

SEO Clients: Sometimes I’ll research prices online for a particular item, find a lower price, but then buy it in a store anyway, because I don’t want to wait for the shipping. SEO doesn’t work this way. Most SEO firms will have you pay now, then pay again, and you probably won’t see the results until the SEO starts gaining traction about three to six months into the campaign. Because of this, when you are paying for SEO, you have to be patient and wait for delivery. You have to slow down and consider your long-term goals.

By slowing down, I don’t mean that you can be lazy or stop working hard. There is still plenty to do and certainly a need to be urgent and diligently involved. Just make sure to stop along the way to look up, get your bearings, and smell the virtual roses along the way.