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YouTube Fail Image

Video has emerged as one of the most effective mediums for marketing on the web. This hasn’t happened overnight, as we have seen companies use video to market their products for many years.

In video marketing, there are plenty of topics that merit discussion. Books could be written about how to plan and develop a successful video campaign, SEO video optimization or viral video marketing strategies. I want to discuss one simple action that may give a company some added exposure and propel their idea or business to “online sensation” status: a well produced product trailer.

What is a Product Trailer?

A product trailer is a video showcase of your product or service, just as a movie trailer would portray an exciting new film. For obvious reasons, it needs to be entertaining, concise and outstanding. It can be hilarious or informative, but it shouldn’t go more than two minutes. Your product trailer can be the cornerstone to your idea, be on the front page of your e-commerce website and even posted on the bottom of every company blog post (I actually saw that). It explains your product in simple, easy-to-understand terms, or can provide a unique piece about something related to your field.

How Does Your Video Campaign Measure Up?

Many video marketing campaigns fail. How many of you have seen that company YouTube channel with 20 different videos, most of them having less than 100 views? I tip my hat to their efforts, but their videos are not yielding a return on the time or resources spent on creating those spots. Perhaps the videos are poorly produced or simply are not being marketed correctly. Either way, these videos are not making their company any money.

Imagine this same company using their time and resources to plan, develop and produce one superior product trailer. Then the company spends time finding 50 news sites and online magazines to share this video because they know the video is funny or interesting. With the potential for social media shares, you might create an “online buzz”. It would be difficult to do this with several videos. Do you see the difference?

Tim Ferriss Book Trailer

To further grasp the potential of an outstanding product trailer, look no further than New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss. His latest book jumped from No. 150 to No. 30 on Amazon immediately after the launch of his 59-second book trailer. The video debuted on The Huffington Post and eventually garnered spots on national TV.

The video was professionally produced, thoughtfully designed and well funded. I understand some videos go for the raw, homemade video look, but in many cases a video with the right effects and lighting will make a better impression.

Is it always counterproductive to produce several videos? Absolutely not. Many times, especially if a brand or product is established, creating a series of videos is valuable. It creates stickiness to your video channel.

But if you are looking to start a video campaign or your current video campaign is not performing well, put all those great ideas of yours into two minutes or less. Then go nuts with it.

What ideas do you have for producing a product trailer? What are the best ways to push out a trailer?