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SEO.com selected The Green Building Center as the winner of the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover because of its commitment to the environment, its struggles during the recession and potential for future success. The organization receives a 6-month contract that includes Web design, search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and conversion optimization.

SALT LAKE CITY – In May, 2008, The Green Building Center celebrated the grand opening of its second office in Park City, Utah. A year later, after the recession took a huge bite out of the company’s profits, it was forced to close down.

“Last year was abysmal. The business fell off a cliff. This year, it’s a roller coaster ride,” said Ashley Patterson, founder and president of The Green Building Center. “We expected the 100 percent growth that we had in the past, and now we’re down where we were in 2007.”

That story is only one reason why the online marketing company, SEO.com, selected The Green Building Center, a supplier of eco-friendly building products based in Salt Lake City, Utah, as the winner of the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover. SEO.com will provide the organization $60,000 Internet marketing services worth $60,000 to help them recover from the recession.

“We haven’t spent $60,000 on marketing the entire time we’ve been in business,” Patterson said after hearing the news. “This will help out tremendously.”

Through October, SEO.com accepted submissions for the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover from applicants all over the Unites States, as well as some European countries. SEO.com is providing this service as a way to give back to the business community during this time of economic stress. The Green Building Center was chosen because its hardships in the recession and because its products and services benefit the community as a whole.

The organization offers and installs a variety of green building materials, including counter tops made of recycled glass and paper; and paints and finishes made of soy and other materials that don’t produce toxic gases. It also provides workshops and education on green building products and sustainability issues. The Green Building Center’s customers range from commercial builders and architects, to the everyday remodeling consumer.

“We had a lot of strong candidates,” said Dave Bascom, chief executive of SEO.com. “We chose the Green Building Center because it really struggled during the recession, and we believe in what they offer. We want to make it successful so more people will be aware and have access to their green building materials. You can make beautiful things with products that are safe for the environment.”

But more than that, “we think we can bring this company a lot of success online,” said Nelson James, vice president of SEO.com. “Through redesigning their Web site, helping them set up a social media presence, and through various SEO services, we can provide them a lot more exposure, Web site traffic and customers.”

For Patterson, winning the Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover is the opportunity she needed to help turn things around.

“Last year was pretty challenging year for me. I’ve had deaths in the family, we were struggling financially and I had to layoff half a terrific staff,” Patterson said. “And then I heard about the Ultimate Makeover, and I just had this intuition. I thought, ‘I think we have so much potential. We might win.’”

About The Green Building Center
The Green Building Center offers sustainable building materials and consulting to both the commercial and private sector to create healthier homes and offices that are kinder to the environment. The Green Building Center offers a wide range of green building products in its showroom and through its Web site, and can source other materials that might be needed on a particular project. Building professionals qualify for discounts on all of its products. For more information, visit greenbuildingcenter.net.

About SEO.com
SEO.com is a full-service Internet marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization. The SEO firm’s search engine marketing tactics help numerous clients reach millions of potential customers on the Internet. SEO.com has grown rapidly since its inception and continues to expand its offerings as a full-service online marketing firm. The company offers everything from organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) to social media marketing, online public relations and search friendly-Web design. Clients range from small startups to Fortune 100 companies. For more information, visit the SEO blog.