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Inspired by the popularity of all those “entertaining” and “highly informative” (read also: “turgid” and “loathsome”) quizzes that have spread across Facebook like fire on the savanna, and that tell me so very much about my friends and myself, I have created this quiz that asks, “How SEOed is Your Site?” It has a series of multiple choice questions to help you gauge your degree of SEOedness. When you’ve finished the quiz I hope we can discuss SEO enlightenment, laugh, cry, and remember that time in high school when we borrowed Tyler B’s car to skip school and backed it into another car in the parking lot. Good times.

Question 1. Do you know what your important searched keywords are?

a) Of course! That’s the first place to start!
b) I picked some keywords that I like. Do you know if “hippopotamus milk” is searched on? (8-0
c) Forget keywords, people are looking for ME and my brand.
d) No, but 85% of the time I can spell my name correctly.

Question 2. When you do a search for your site’s keywords in Google or Yahoo, your site shows up:

a) On the first page for all my important keywords.
b) Never where I’d like them to be. :-p
c) Search Engines are so eight months ago! Now I just tweet my peeps for anything I want to know!
d) What’s a Yahoo?

Question 3. Finish the following sentence: Backlinks are ____________.

a) Important to me if they’re relevant. I’ve got like a million pointing to my site from a variety of sources.
b) Great, if I could get any. Do you know where I can buy some? :>*
c) Relics of a bygone era. Followers are the New New Deal!
d) A type of rare sausage made from the hindquarters of the animal.

Question 4. How much content does your site have?

a) I have loads, including plenty of unique written content, a daily blog with useful information, and a smattering of video and and podcasts and more. “How much content”… HA!
b) I’ve got some stuff written on my pages. But wait! My homepage is this awesome flash animation of some tapirs dancing with leprechauns! ;-D
c) Is this quiz still going? Boooooring! If you can’t say it in less than 140 characters it doesn’t need to be said! I’m outta here!
d) Very content, thank you.

Question 5. How are you using your page titles and meta descriptions?

a) Each is unique and is used to target my keywords and identify my site. My meta description even has a call to action.
b) I’ve got my company name, and all my keywords on every page. Sometimes I have the keywords twice so people know it’s important. Is that right? A) always seems to have better answers than me. :>Z
c) …
d) I put it with the… uh… table of contents.

Question 6. Last one: If SEO were a food, it would be:

a) A Christmas pudding. Good at first, but not fully developed. It gets so much more savory as time goes on!
b) A mystery, rolled in an enigma, and chopped into a conundrum sushi roll. Blech! 🙁
c) Stale bread, or hardtack.
d) A banana.

*If you said mostly A, you clearly know your stuff. Congratulations! You’re probably an SEO Specialist and your sites are well optimized. You also understand that these questions cover only a fraction of the SEO pie, and that there is so much more to be done.

*If you said mostly B, you are fond of emoticons. And you could probably use some help optimizing your site for search traffic. Luckily, you are AT the website of an SEO company, and we just love to help!

*If you answered mostly C, or didn’t even have the attention span to finish a six question quiz, you need to spend less time “branding” yourself and sharing inane links on Twitter and other social networks, and more time optimizing your site. Search engines are STILL the preferred way to find something— and this is what it is like to shout into an empty room.

*If you said mostly D, you may not know what you’re doing on an SEO site. You may not know how you got here. But hopefully, those three magic letters have sparked your interest, and opened a door to a long series of new wonders. Let us run together through sun-graced search optimization fields, brushing our hands across the heads of keyword wheat, and dip our feet into the cool springs of organic search traffic. Come experience the paradise that SEO can offer you.

Having taken the quiz, are we all feeling nice and close? I hope we’ve discovered something about SEO and ourselves. In the true spirit of Facebook quizzes, share your results and fond memories of SEO at the bottom in the comments, and then pass this along to ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

And Tyler, if you’re reading this, it was Ben’s fault.