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As many online marketers know, BlueGlass knows how to put on a seriously awesome conference. When you attract the best thought leaders in the industry to present, coupled with literal “energy drink” breaks, how could it not be the most amazing conference to attend?

Unfortunately no one from SEO.com is in attendance this year, however, I’ve spent the last day and a half watching the twitter feed and taking in as much as I possibly can. I also stayed up extremely late last night reading the recaps and they are top notch!

Since there is no point in rehashing what was presented, I thought I’d put together a quick post linking out to the summary blog posts from yesterday’s presentations posted over on the BlueGlass blog. Make sure to carve out at least an hour or so to get through these and actually get something from them.

Happy Reading!!

Session 1: Greg Boser & Brian Clark

Harnessing Change & Chaos To Foster Marketing Innovation

This post is about how business can thrive in the ever-changing online landscape by leveraging new and evolving opportunities.

Session 2: Hugo Guzman & Kevin Gibbons

Beyond The Buzz: The True Power of Content Marketing

This post is about how to build powerful content marketing strategies that helps fuel business growth.

Session 3: Pete Meyers & Selena Narayanasamy

Technical SEO Wizardry (How To Get The Most From Your Data)

This post is about how to use your data to help you make better decisions and execute a solid SEO strategy.

Session 4: Derek Halpern & Rob Woods

How To Build A Large, Passionate Audience From Scratch With No Connections

THIS POST WAS AWESOME! This post is about how to effectively build an audience from scratch.

Session 5: Julie Joyce & Ross Hudgens

Link Building Strategies That Actually Work

THIS POST WAS OFF THE HOOK! Everyone who follows me know that link building is my passion and this post talks about link building strategies you should be executing in 2013. So many golden eggs in this post!

Make sure to be on the look out for a post tomorrow where I will put together another post linking out to all of the summary blog posts.