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As promised in my day one recap post, here is the most awesome day two recap of BlueGlassX.

Just as I expected from the day one recaps, the series of posts that I read late last night did not disappoint! Not only that, but I received a nice little Tweet from the BlueGlass team this morning thanking me for the post and inviting me out to their LA Conference in May.

I think I’m gonna have to put a lot of pressure on Ash Buckles to give me some budget for a few of our team members to attend.

Let’s get into the session posts:

Session 1: David Mihm & Michael Dorausch

Local and Mobile Domination: Harnessing the Changing SERPs

This is a fantastic post about dominating in the local and mobile space led by two of the industry’s finest. The information in this post is money as the topic of local and mobile are hot right now.

Session 2: Janel Laravie & Manny Rivas

Mastering New and Hidden Paid Search Strategies

Paid search has always piqued my interest, but my background is very heavy in SEO and content marketing. This post has definitely pushed me over the edge in getting me uber excited about paid search and is a solid guide to the different kinds of paid search and where to get started.

Session 3: Simon Heseltine & Jennifer Sable Lopez

Transforming Your Visitors Into a Dedicated and Passionate Community

In follow up to yesterday’s post on how to build an audience from scratch, this post goes through the ins and outs of turning your audience into a community. Mind blowing stuff in here!

Session 4: Missy Ward & Chris Tolles

Secrets of PR Success: Real Tactics for Building a Massively Popular Brand

This post is about how to overlap your marketing efforts and your PR efforts to build an amazing brand. Again, awesome stuff in here!

Well, that’s it for the recap posts from BlueGlassX. Even though I wasn’t in attendance, reading these posts have helped me step up my online marketing game and I can’t thank Michelle enough for putting these together. Hopefully see you guys in LA!