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With the impending doom… er, launch of Black Friday, we decided to take a look at how people are talking about it on certain social media platforms. We dove into the numbers (using our Social Footprint tool) on Pinterest to find out which articles and other content pieces were getting pinned the most.

Some interesting trends started to appear almost immediately.

First, there is a huge difference between the top spot and the #50 spot. There could be a number of reasons for this, from the dedication of that pinner’s followers to the products on display.

Second, the rules of Pinterest hold true, and we see again that pins can carry value for a much longer time that the average social post.

Let me be a little more specific.

A simple search on Pinterest that related to Black Friday, and some data analysis with our social tool, gave us these results:


Title Pins
1. Silhouette Black Friday Sale! and a super cute Santa Ornament!!! 55,321
2. BLACK FRIDAY SALE, Teachers Notebook 3 Day Sale, and a FREEBI 22,686
3. Christmas Shopping List Free Printable 20,305
4. 35 Brilliant Black Friday Hacks for 2016 14,842
5. DIY Christmas Themed Bottles & Mugs + Silhouette Black Friday Deals! 9,135
6. #OptOutside 6,713
7. The Ultimate Black Friday Playlist to Get Shopper Pumped Up 6,678
8. Sweet Petula’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale 5,747
9. Have an Organized Christmas with a FREE Planner 4,901
10. deals deals deals // black friday sales 4,844
11. Black Friday: Yea or Nay? 4,120
12.  want list // my top 5 black fiday sales to shop  3,194
13.  Create a Black Friday Budget Battle Plan  2,982
14.  Mary Kay Pink Friday Sale Idea  2,462
15.  Funny Womens Black Friday Shirt  2,408
16.  Best Black Friday Essential Oil Deal  2,223
17.  $300 12-Week Christmas Money Saving Challenge  2,200
18.  Black Friday Funny Pictures – 21 Pics  2,030
19.  Last Minute Black Friday Steals to Shop Now  1,886
20.  Black Friday TV, Not This Time {A Family Room Makeover}  1,834
21.  Black Friday Sales  1,799
22.  Black Friday and a Freebie  1,769
23.  Black Friday Workout  1,743
24.  How to Survive Black Friday  1,735
25.  Black Friday: 25-70% Off Giuseppe Zanotti Boots and Shoes  1,705
26.  Best Black Friday Sales to Shop Now!  1,616
27.  Cyber Monday Funnies!  1,605
28.  The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales to Shop  1,464
29.  Black Friday Humor for All Those Shoppers  1,385
30.  Black Friday Shopping Team  1,298
31.  Black Friday.  1,285
32.  Black Friday Sales  1,284
33.  Shopping is my Cardio  1,162
34.  HOURS LEFT: 50% Off Black Friday Sale + FREE Shipping  1,147
35.  Black Friday Ads 2016  922
36.  How to Get the Best Deals On Black Friday & During the Holidays  861
37.  Black Friday 2016…  837
38.  What to Wear Black Friday Shopping!  783
39.  Black Friday Sale – Shop Until You Drop!  763
40.  5 Tips for Making the Most of Black Friday  671
41.  Black Friday Shirts  633
42.  18 Game-Changing Strategies to Get the Best Deals on Black Friday  606
43.  Black Friday: 25 years since deadly Tornado ripped through Edmonton killing 27  562
44.  The New Yorker’s Ultimate Black Friday Game Plan  505
45.  Secrets to Black Friday Shopping Online!  483
46.  The Ultimate Black Friday Cheat Sheet 2015  462
47.  Operation Black Friday  440
48.  Black Friday Shopping | What to Buy and What Not to Buy  429
49.  5 Tips How to Shop Black Friday Deals  380
50.  Black Friday Survival Kit  351


You will notice a lot of articles related to the best sales or deals of that particular year. But some of these sales actually happened back in 2013. And yet, a simple search brought them to the top of the results.

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Of course, as this year’s Black Friday hovers ever closer, we would certainly see a lot more pins related to sales that are happening this November. It’s just that this information hasn’t been released yet. (But, as we’ve seen in another article, online marketing for Black Friday starts earlier every year, so it shouldn’t be long until those pins start appearing.)

The Takeaways

So what have we really learned here, aside from the fact that Black Friday is a national holiday for some and a day of pure anxiety for others?

Well, we’ve seen that even though some of these pins are years old, they still get thousands of pins and still show up in relevant searches. Some of these pins were even linked to pages and products that don’t actually exist anymore, but you can bet the websites are still receiving traffic from them. (Assuming they’ve got everything properly redirected, this can still be as effective as landing on the original product page.)

We’ve also seen the types of content that interest people around this season. Obviously, the deals pages are going to have a lot of interest. Social media practically blows up on the days leading up to and including Black Friday as people seek out, find, and share the best deals.

But we’re also seeing that a lot of the content that gets shared are the hints and tips to either a) survive the day, b) save money, or c) have a good laugh about the entire experience.

As this holiday marketing season continues, keep these trends in mind. Even after Black Friday is over, a variety of content types that spans the spectrum from fun and light to serious and important can help you reach the right audience.


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