Top 7 iPad Apps for SEOs

SEO iPad apps

Many SEOs that I know eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. With technology today, we now can manage our search engine marketing campaigns from almost anywhere. For the iPad owners out there, I have compiled a short list of my favorite apps that help me manage my sites.

SERPs, by Hans Schneider, is a very cool app that not only shows you where you rank, but it also shows you who is ranking for your targeted keywords. With this app, you also have the ability to manage multiple sites and multiple keywords and you can easily keep up with your competitors and their rankings.

SEO Search Ranking
Tracking the progress of your keywords and where they rank can be hard without the right tool. With SEO Search Ranking, by Leon Huang, you can track the progress of your keywords properly. Additionally, you get a historical background of where you were and how far you have come. Just like SERPS, you can track multiple sites and multiple keywords. This is a must-have app because after all, how do you know where you are if you don’t know where you have been?

Analytics for iPad
Analytics for iPad, by Mario Micklisch, brings your Google Analytics account to the palm of your hand. This tool gives you access to multiple accounts and you can run full reports. Analytics for iPad also allows you to compare reports so you can get the most comprehensive data. In fact, there isn’t much you can do in Google Analytics that you can’t do with this app.

SEO Manager
SEO Manager, by at2 GmbH, may be my favorite app on this list. With this app you can not only manage multiple sites and keywords, but it will also show you your top competitors for your keyword list. It is a very helpful tool for competitive analysis. Much like the SEO Ranking app, SEO Manager will also show you your historical ranking data of your keywords.

SEO & SEM Glossary
For those just starting out in the realm of SEO, SEO & SEM Glossary, by, is a very helpful tool. Because many specialists seem to speak in code when they are talking about search engine optimization, you can easily keep up with the conversation by using this app to study different terms used in the industry.

SEO Course
One more great tool for novice SEOs is SEO Course, by Robert Costello. This app has several intuitive videos that will teach you the tricks of the trade including how to create the perfect keyword research and how to obtain backlinks. Don’t start your SEO campaign without at least looking at this app.

Have you ever been out and about without your computer and the perfect blog post or idea for your site hit you, and by the time you made it back to the office you completely forgot the idea? With WordPress for iPad you will never have to miss out on an idea again because you can have complete editing access to your site on-the-go.

I hope this list is a good start for your iPad app collection. Of course there are several other apps that didn’t make the list that are also very useful. So tell me, what are some of your favorite SEO iPad apps?

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    • Tyson Hymas says

      Raven Tools is on my list, just a bit further down. It is a helpful tool, but I have had too many experiences of it crashing.

  1. Keith says

    The WordPress app is pretty good, but I work so much more efficiently on the desktop. Great for approving comments and monitoring authors though…

  2. Stephen Hamilton says

    Yes, Hootsuite is very useful for me too.

    Although they aren’t SEO apps, I use Evernote extensively in my daily workflow, and I’m starting to rely on Flipboard a lot more also to keep up with webmaster and SEO news.

    I don’t use it a great deal, but the WordPress app is occasionally useful for when I’m out and about too.

    I look forward to trying the other apps you have here on your list.

    • Tyson Hymas says

      I love Evernote. Very useful tool. I have just started using Flipboard, Another very cool app and not only for SEO news but also for social media.

  3. Zain Munawari says

    @Tyson: Very interesting post, I was unaware of usage of WordPress for iPad. But your post has taught me much about it. Thanks for sharing this info.

  4. Brent Rangen says

    I gave up on SEO apps for the iPad. Now it’s just audiobooks for learning w/ the iPad and back to the desktop for real work. SAAS, custom tools, and a web browser get’s it done. CRM/Daylight perhaps, but who has the time!!

  5. Adam Delta says

    Custom ipad forms

    Does anyone know a good ipad app that allows you to create custom forms and reporting on the ipad?

  6. says

    Hey Tyson, I was looking for SEO apps since I just got a new iPad Air and I was hired to do SEO research for a big retail company, some of these are still on the market and obviously there are newer ones since this was written a few years ago.

    I still decided to leave a comment just to thank you for putting this together as I’m a complete newbie when it comes to apps for Apple products but I’ll find out what I need very soon.

    Anyway, thanks again man.

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