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Oct 19, 2011 / by Robyn Storms

Google Search Becomes More Secure

Privacy and SSL encryption are important to a lot of internet users. Google recognizes this and is always looking for ways to improve online security for its users. A major announcement was published yesterday on the

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Sep 6, 2011 / by Robyn Storms

Google Announces Reclassification Of Backlinks

Last week Google announced a change to the way they classify internal and external links in Webmaster Tools. The update shouldn’t change the number of links, but should report your links in a more accurate

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Feb 16, 2011 / by Preston Van Dyke

How to Keep Your SEO Well Groomed

You may or may not have seen our recent post about the nose hair waxing event at SEO.com. Yes it is just as painful as it looks on the

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Apr 22, 2010 / by Dan Patterson

Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure

In SEO there are a lot of little things we can tweak to help a site rank better. This includes improving a site’s URL structure by making it more SEO friendly. The problem is, if you do this incorrectly

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Apr 16, 2010 / by Greg Shuey

Discrepancies In Webmaster Tools Clickthrough Data

This is a follow up post from my post yesterday about click-through data in Webmaster Tools. After comparing some analytic data and reading numerous tweets and blog posts about the matter, it is obvious that there are discrepancies in the click-through data that is being shown in the Webmaster

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Apr 15, 2010 / by Nelson James

Top 4 Insights from the new Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Queries Feature

For those of you who aren't aware yet, Google just announced some new features in Google Webmaster Tools. The most incredible is the top search queries enhancement which shows clickthrough rates, percentages and impressions along with

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Apr 15, 2010 / by Greg Shuey

Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing Clickthrough Data

Late last night I logged into my Google Webmaster Tools account to find that Google is now showing me clickthrough data on all of my websites. After reading the official announcement from Google, it looks like it is going to be a permanent addition to this

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Sep 9, 2009 / by Dan Patterson

List of Great Firefox Plugins for SEO

I'm a fan of Firefox mainly for the additional functionality you get from using plugins. In fact, it's always frustrating when I am on someone else's computer, and I don't have access to my own set of "tools" that I

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Apr 17, 2009 / by Scott Cowley

SEO Psychology: Taming the Wild Webmaster

Any SEO aficionado who has ever attempted to contact a webmaster as part of a link-building campaign can attest that webmasters are indeed a strange breed (and deserve an anthropological field devoted to their study).

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Jan 21, 2009 / by Dustin Williams

How do I get my Site Indexed in Google?

So you have put together a website and have it published on the web. All the content is in place and all your site's functionality is working properly. What comes next? This question can be answered by answering

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