Universal Search Gone Hog Wild

I was doing some searching around the other day and came across this page of results in Google Malaysia that has 5 out of the first 10 results as video results and one other as a news result with a picture, along with the related search links at the bottom of the page. Looks to me like Google is doing some more extreme testing in other countries.

I’m all about the universal search revolution and giving people more than just 10 blue links. I think video, images, news results, blog results, audio, and whatever else people think is most relevant to the keyword they are searching for should be included in the first page of results. And if 2 videos are relevant or if 10 videos are most relevant, they should be there. However, I find it extremely hard to believe that people searching on the keyword “Laptops” are looking for battery fires, battery hacks, or how to build a cool laptop bag. I think when people search on “laptops”, they are probably looking for…well…you know…Laptops!


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  1. Shawn says

    When did you do this search? I just tried it and I only got the shopping results & news results but no pictures?

  2. Nelson James says

    That screenshot is from today. I looked again and it looks identical to the screenshot. I’ve noticed it off and on myself though in the last couple of days which further confirms my thoughts about Google performing testing. It could also be IP based though. I made sure I was signed out and wasn’t getting customized results.

  3. Irmscher says


    I still use to stick with one important and simple rule:

    Mid-tailed keywords are the best in terms of effort for ranking them

    Mid-tailed keywords bring more targeted traffic than broad ones


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