Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

A common question that we at receive from clients and potential clients is, “How can social media help my SEO efforts, or does it even help at all?” In this post, I want to talk about just that… using social media to impact your SEO efforts and how the two can work together to grow your business.

Social Sharing & Rankings

There’s a lot of false information floating around out there about how social signals are the new link, and that in order to compete in the SERPs, you have to have them or you are out of luck. Here’s one of the more recent ones, it’s actually been edited (as you can see in the body of the content) after being called out in the comments by a few of the top SEOs in the world.

In most cases, the idea of social shares outweighing links is wrong. Links are still the powerhouse when it comes to securing rankings in the search engines, but, as stated by Matt Cutts last month at SMX Advanced, social signals will eventually come around and be a much stronger ranking signal than they are now.

Before we jump into how to use social media to impact your SEO, let’s quickly talk about the few cases where social sharing can help you “rank better” in the SERPs.

In Google, personalization has been around for a long time; however, with the roll out of Google+ and +1’s, when one of your friends +1 something, it can often show up higher in the SERPs for you. This happens when you search for keywords or key phrases found in the content that was +1’d. For example, if my name is Sally and I +1 a blog post about planning a wedding, Suzy, my best friend could see the post I +1’d above some of the more popular and authoritative blog posts found online when searching for information about planning her wedding.

This is why building amazing content and building social activity around your content is so important, especially as Google+ grows. But still, in your average SERP, links trump social shares… period!

Alright… let’s jump into some strategy.

So, how can you use social media to impact your SEO?

Use Social Media To Build Relationships

When I ask clients and potential clients what they do with their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Etc), I usually hear one of two things. First, “We just post one or two updates per day to keep them active,” or second, “Nothing at all, we just secured our accounts so no one else could.” Holy crap… we’ve got some work to do!

Social media should be used to build relationships with other human beings, and the first step in doing this is friending/following people. Here’s who I start following right out of the gate:

  • Friends & Family
  • People who have similar interests as myself
  • People who may be the target demographic that I am trying to market & sell to
  • People who share the same kind of stuff as I do
  • Bloggers or other website owners that I know
  • Bloggers or other website owners that I want to know
  • People who already re-share my content or other things that I share via social media
  • People who follow my competitors
  • People who share my competitors’ content

I find these people simply by doing some searches on Twitter. I also use Twellow. If you can find these people on Twitter, they are probably also on Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can then go use their search feature to find them and others with similar interests.

After you find them, the relationship-building formula is pretty simple. Talk to them. Share their stuff. Mention them in social media and link to them in blog posts. Basically, you just need to scratch their back… a lot! You give them what they want (even without them asking) and most times, they will reciprocate!

Relationships Lead To Opportunities

With social media, reciprocation is what we are trying to get at, and reciprocation comes from being friends and giving before asking for something in return. Once these people become your friends… better yet, become your advocates, is when the opportunities really start to come. As an SEO, my ultimate goal is to rank better in the SERPs, and in order to do so, I need links. Through social media, I can do just that. Here are a few of the more popular opportunities I look for when using social media to impact my SEO:

  • Obtaining additional social shares (not links) – Provide me with even more visibility and opportunity to get more links.
  • Finding super high quality guest blogging opportunities (links) – Couldn’t have gotten these without becoming friends with the blog owners via social media.
  • Making my way into content roundups – Couldn’t have done this if my content wasn’t being share around different social channels.
  • Getting referenced in related blog posts – Again, couldn’t have done this if my content wasn’t being shared around and in front of a lot of eyeballs/friends.
  • Finding high quality guest bloggers for my site (links & shares) – When someone guest posts on a site, they will often times reference it in another blog post and share it socially. Couldn’t have done this without becoming friends with others on different social channels.

Well, that’s 886 of words of goodness right there. I hope that this post has been able to clearly define how social media can impact your SEO efforts. Social media is here to stay, and if it can be leveraged in the right way, it can truly impact a company’s visibility in the SERPs and make our jobs as SEOs a whole lot easier.

If you have any other ideas, or I’ve missed anything, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Jey Pandian says

    We just post one or two updates per day to keep them active,” or second, “Nothing at all, we just secured our accounts so no one else could.”

    That struck a chord with me, it’s one of the two most common replies. The issue is that these people do not have a strategy when they decide to jump headfirst into things.

  2. Dr Rajnish@Laser Hair Removal Delhi says

    Great article. Social media is going to be the only factor in future that decides on the rankings as links are something which can be manipulated but it is not easy to manipulate social media.

    • Greg Shuey says

      I disagree… I don’t believe social will ever be the end all be all. It too can be easily manipulated.

  3. Nick Stewart says

    I totally agree that link building influences your Google rank far more than social media, at least right now.

    “Social media should be used to build relationships with other human beings” – so very true! Too many so-called social media experts advise people to spam twitter with garbage in hopes of getting their stuff to go viral. Social media is about being social and connecting with other people.

  4. Kent says

    This is what I am doing, try to connect to top authors around the world. Interview them and post on my blogs to get links :)

  5. Iowauniversities says

    yes social media plays an important role to build up your back links and i am totally agree with your thoughts thanks for this article it provides me a great knowledge

  6. Lalita Bisht says

    Totally agree here. Building a relationship is not only now a part of business development but through social media you can market your products if you have a talent to build new relations and continue them.

  7. JosephWilson says

    Great Post ! As I am not regular reader be honest but I like the content and learned new things from your post.Your post is really useful for me as I m SEO beginner. Social interaction among social networks create a kind of content that improve your brand visibility in search results. Social content get exposure,traffic and result in number of inbound links.

  8. Craig says

    Thanks Greg, great post – I’ll be putting your tips to work as I deliver my tweets, and hopefully build a better social media circle.

  9. Mike Frensham says

    It is all about getting the right balance between creating great content and
    building relationships and interaction. As the internet grows and users become
    more aware they can see through the spam and as Internet Marketers we need
    to give the user a great experience if we want to succeed!

  10. victoria says

    I just to want ask what’s the best seo technique and how effective is link building in your view. Thanks in advance!

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