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Yes, I live in Utah. Yes, I love SEO, and yes, I’m a geek. All three things are evident if you see my new custom Utah license plate featuring my favorite three-letter acronym: SEO.

So what kind of car would you expect to be sporting these sweet tags? A Hummer? A BMW? How ’bout an Audi R8? Naw, those would all be too cool for a search geek like me. This Utah search geek drives a 1998 Toyota Camry.

I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me on this…if you think about it, this is a perfect car to represent SEO. First of all, it’s a 1998, which is the year I first started doing SEO. Of course, we didn’t call it SEO back then, and it was all about meta tags and submitting your site to the search engines. Speaking of search engines, there were about a dozen that we cared about back then and none of them were named Google. It’s also a great car to represent SEO because is is very fuel-efficient–just like SEO is a very efficient way to spend your marketing dollars. And even though it’s not flashy, it’s reliable and it just keeps going after all these years, just like SEO. Oh, and last, but not least it’s paid for. Has been for a while. Just like search engine optimization is a marketing method that pays for itself early and often.

So if you see me driving my SEO-mobile around the streets of Utah, give me a honk. Two honks if you’re a fellow SEO geek.