Which Version of My Domain Should I Use? [Video FAQ]

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As an SEO Manager, I am often asked by new clients, “What version of my domain should I use, the www or the non-www?”  This question has a simple answer because in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), it doesn’t really matter.

In order to choose between domains, there are a couple of things to consider.  A new site that has not yet been indexed will probably want to use the traditional www version.  For an older site that may already be ranking for key terms, take a look at which version of the site is already ranking and stick with whichever one is ranking.  Take a look at the backlink portfolio for each domain as well to see which has more links built.

Once a domain has been chosen, some house cleaning is in order.  Update sitemaps and internal link structure in order to reflect the correct version of the domain.  Place a canonical tag or 301 redirect on the version of the domain you choose not to use.  Finally, log into webmaster tools in order to set the preferred domain.

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  1. Charles says

    I see you guys are directing to the www version. I’ve found that the www version is almost always a superior choice. Because no matter how many times you tell someone to link to you as justyourname.com they inevitably add the www. It’s practically a reflex.

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