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Which Version of My Domain Should I Use? [Video FAQ]


As an SEO Manager, I am often asked by new clients, "What version of my domain should I use, the www or the non-www?" This question has a simple answer because in terms of SEO (search engine optimization), it doesn't really matter.

In order to choose between domains, there are a couple of things to consider. A new site that has not yet been indexed will probably want to use the traditional www version. For an older site that may already be ranking for key terms, take a look at which version of the site is already ranking and stick with whichever one is ranking. Take a look at the backlink portfolio for each domain as well to see which has more links built.

Once a domain has been chosen, some house cleaning is in order. Update sitemaps and internal link structure in order to reflect the correct version of the domain. Place a canonical tag or 301 redirect on the version of the domain you choose not to use. Finally, log into webmaster tools in order to set the preferred domain.

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Tyson Hymas

Written by Tyson Hymas

Tyson has been doing SEO and digital marketing for eight years and was promoted to the Vice President of Client Services at SEO.com in July of 2015. He has worked on various campaigns, from large to small, from local to national, giving him a wide variety of experience with search engine marketing.Tyson is a creative thinker and loves developing new strategies for his clients. Tyson grew up in Salt Lake and currently lives in South Jordan, Utah with his wife, Brynn, and dog, Marley (named after Bob Marley, not the movie). He is an avid soccer fan, an Apple fan-boy and loves the outdoors. He is also known for changing his cars more than he changes his clothes.

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