Walk Steve Walk, For Kids That Can't

Steve Wahlquist walked by our office this morning. He’ll be walking by a lot of offices for the next few weeks on his 365-mile trek to St. George.

And the thing is, he’s doing it on one leg with the help of crutches — all to help raise awareness and funds for kids who have lost limbs and need prosthetics. More than 133,000 people lose a limb each year in the United States. The Salt Lake Shriners Hospital expects to fit over 250 artificial limbs for children this year alone. Many can’t afford prosthetics, physical therapy and emotional support that need to come with it. Steve is hoping to raise $1 for every person in Utah.

When it comes to helping kids, we’re all about that. So, here’s a picture of Steve with a few SEO.com employees after we all cheered him on. Check out his Website at walkstevewalk.com and join SEO.com in donating a few bucks to help some kids.

Good luck, Steve!

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  1. Steve says

    Hey you guys are awesome!!! Thanks for the plug and thanks for the shirt :) Mr. Anderson – above and beyond. Thank you! Take care guys, and good luck with your biz. By the way – you popped up #1 on my google search. You know your stuff!!!

  2. Craig Sher says

    We met Steve and his wife and daughter in Bryce Canyon yesterday. He was walking down the relatively steep slope. We were amazed at his strength and fortitude and outstanding positive attitude. His dedication to Kevin and others in need was really inspiring. His refusal to succumb to his lack of a leg was nothing short of remarkable. We donate to his cause with great admiration for Steve and his family. Long may you run or walk.

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