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A big group of 11 of us from SEO.com recently returned from a week in Las Vegas at PubCon. When we arrived at PubCon the first day, we checked in at the registration desk and were given a SWAG bag with a few goodies from some of the partners and sponsors. Because Bing was one of the sponsors at PubCon, they had some stickers they were giving out in the SWAG bags.

Shuey was the first to be “Bing Slapped!” Unbeknown to him, someone, lets call him Greg, discreetly placed a Bing sticker on Shuey’s backpack so that he didn’t feel it. A few seconds later “Greg” yelled out, “Ah Shuey! You got Bing Slapped!” Everyone around frantically tore off their backpacks to make sure they also hadn’t fallen victim to the Bing Slapper. This became an ongoing joke throughout the rest of the conference. Some other victims included Dave Bascom, Nelson James, Dustin Williams, Todd Julien, Scott Smoot, and Dan Patterson.

Not all of our SEO.com guys were able to attend PubCon this year so we though we would bring some of the PubCon fun back to the office. Scott Cowley was the first in our office to have the honor of being Bing Slapped!

Thanks to all the hard working SEO’s who held down the fort while we partied it up in Vegas!