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Watch as two search engine optimization experts size up a handful of websites during a live webinar Thursday morning.

The free presentation will offer an inside look at ways SEO.com helps companies increase sales on the web by improving Internet search rankings. Those who register may submit their websites and two SEO directors will pick a few sites to probe on Thursday.

More than 160 websites had been submitted Wednesday morning.

SEO Director Claye Stokes said he hopes to pick some business-related websites that “stand to gain some revenue from an audit.”

You must register for the webinar to submit your website to be audited.

Stokes said additional sites may be chosen for analysis during the webinar.

“We might pick a couple at random or answer some questions about people’s websites,” he added.

The analysis will include:

  • Onsite optimization elements
  • External links
  • Conversion elements
  • Ideas for great content for link bait