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Among the perfect Barbie dolls and pop icons that litter the walls of every adolescent male, you will never see a pockmarked crone or even a hot model with something in her teeth. Professionals airbrush every picture beyond perfection; heaven forbid you ever see cellulite or dark shadows under bloodshot eyes!

Television producers have capitalized on this fascination with beauty and are now endorsing mass programming about fashion, makeovers, Hollywood and style. It is nearly impossible to channel surf without coming across a show regarding weight, movie stars and fashion faux pas (or all three topics combined for the ultimate moneymaker). We have all seen the makeover shows where a frumpy social outcast turns into a glamorous designer diva. The same is possible for websites.

frankenstein2Though your current site may look like a behemoth monster lurking in the shadows, you can turn that Frankenstein into the prom queen of the Internet. You want a site that will generate views, not something that will make you cry in the bathroom during lunch. Search engines are looking for specific things, and with a few tips, you can generate the views needed to keep you at the top of the popularity vote.

At first, cosmetic surgery on your website will be painful. Schedule some surgery time where you can sit and immerse yourself in the page. Seriously look at it. Analyze the flaws. The truth of the matter is, if you see something wrong, your clients will too, and they will not be as forgiving. Make sure you get a second opinion on your website by having a professional give you a makeover.

Look at the structure of your site. Does it need a facelift? Your site should have a sitemap for HTML and XML; this makes it easy for search engine crawlers to navigate your content. A sitemap is like the perfect pair of shoes, you can wear them with every outfit. Also, be sure that all of your internal links function well and lead viewers where you want them.

child-with-jewelryThe next key is to accessorize. Every outfit needs the right bling to make it pop, and a website is no different. Look at the writing on your site, and ask yourself if the written copy is rich with key words and searchable terms. Be careful not to overdo it. Not only is this bad for search engines, it can make your website look like a child wearing too much costume jewelry.

Once you have the SEO practices in effect to get people to your site, you want to keep them there. Focus some time on the design of your site. Is your makeup stuck in the 80s? Revamp your look to reflect your company. Viewers will judge you based on appearances. The more sites that link to yours, the more search engines will pick you up. Remember this, girls in the popular crowd always get more dates. Think back too high school, and you will realize just how shallow some people really are. If you are still sporting a mullet, it is time for a fresh look. If you combine the right aesthetic appeal with the right content, more people are likely to link to you, helping SEO. You will be sitting at the popular table in no time.

One thing to remember is this; continue to update your website. Just as fashions continually change, SEO is a continual process. Even the best nail polish will chip and needs reapplication. Your website can be like the perfectly airbrushed picture, but beauty like that does not happen naturally, and someone has to do the work.