What I Have Learned About Blogging

mommy-bloggerI am a blogging expert. There probably isn’t a soul around that knows more about blogging. How did I become so advanced? By starting a “Mommy Blog” a month ago. I figure after posting eleven entries, I probably know all there is to know.

OK, maybe not. But as a new blogger, I have learned a few things. If you are thinking of starting a blog, you may find the following helpful:

  • Seriously consider the purpose of your blog. Map out your site before you begin. Is your blog personal, informational, ecommerce, or other? How do you plan on using the blog? Who is your target market? Make sure you have a clear goal in place before you begin.
  • Now that you have determined the purpose of your blog, it is time to think of a domain. This process took the longest for me. If you get hung up, solicit suggestions from friends, family, coworkers, and especially your target market. I highly recommend using at least one of your keywords in your domain, if possible. This will assist you in achieving higher rankings for said keyword.
  • If you are really serious about blogging, pay the money to host your own domain. For instance, instead of using www.seo.blogspot.com, use www.seo.com.
  • Serious blogging takes a lot of creativity. I recommend keeping a pad of paper and a pencil handy. Throughout the day, I jot down little notes for upcoming blogs. That way, when I begin writing, I have something to write about.
  • Write to your target market. What do they want to read? Have you asked them? Make sure you are writing in a voice that is familiar and interesting to them.
  • Have someone proof-read your blog. You don’t want to go live with a post and then later be embarrassed by typos or grammatical errors.
  • Use Google Analytics. It is awesome- seriously addicting. Every time I post a blog, I get excited to see how it was received. Using analytics will help you understand your readers.
  • Use social media to promote your blog. I receive a lot of traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, if every time you update your Twitter status it reads, “visit my blog…” people will become disinterested.

Do you have other useful blogging tips? If so, I would love to read them!

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  1. Justin says

    Great post!

    One thing I have found is that it is better to “say just enough”.

    Don’t spend the time/energy to deliver your message in 1,000 words if 300 will do.

  2. leon says

    i think write blog post using bullet points (like the author is using ) makes the post more neat and easier for the readers to read.

  3. David Roy says

    I think when you start a blog you also need to think if you want your Blog to be part of your brand. You have two options:

    1 Make your blog the official blog of your company: People will know that the blog is associated with your brand.
    – They can be afraid that your blog will be full of your own ads.
    + More conversion: people know you offer the products associated with the article.
    + Brand Awareness

    2 Make an informal blog, link just to your page with text link inside your article.
    – No Brand awareness
    + People feel the site is more objective

  4. Suneedh says

    Great post. I have been blogging a bit too myself . It really is addicting once you start blogging and the real motivator is the no.of people who read your blog and the comments.

    Every time I get a comment .. I feel appreciated and loved.

  5. Lori Gilson says

    Great comment, David. I agree, it is important to think about branding when starting a blog. Thanks for the pros and cons.

  6. awais says

    I agree to your points but my question is that how to tell people about your blog ….its real hard i think ….

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