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Many people see their mobile phone as an extension of themselves, but 20 years ago it was a different story.

People relied on getting information from internet searches exclusively on desktop computers.

Over the years, this evolved to include laptops and eventually mobile devices.

The way we search the internet has also changed with technology. Yahoo! was once the search engine of choice, using people to categorize each page. Then Google changed search. Webcrawlers were developed to scale the internet in search of data to determine where it will show up in an internet search.

Websites that optimize for these spiders ranked higher in the search engine results, and it’s becoming increasingly important for websites to optimize for mobile users as well.

Today, nearly half of all Americans are using smart phones as a search tool, opening the search traffic lanes for businesses to reach new customers, and geotargeting offers results based on someone’s location.

78 percent of smartphone users use their phones while they shop, and 60 percent of consumers search for brand information from mobile devices before making a purchase.

People are looking for information, and they need it promptly. Websites optimized for mobile use have a 75 percent higher rate of engagement per visit.

“This is the future, and everyone will adapt,” said Google chairman Eric Schmidt.

Now people can search by image. They can take photos of products and places, and use apps to help them find the best prices and reviews.

What can your small business do to improve its mobile search ranking?

Use effective keywords associating your brand with the right terms and phrases. Utilize Google Maps to help people locate your business quickly. Keep in mind that people use their mobile phones for immediate access to information, so make sure your web pages load quickly on any device.

With the touch of a button, consumers are seamlessly connected to the information they need.

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