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Just recently, Google has made a feature available that allows anyone to embed their Google + posts anywhere on the web. Google is making strides and following Twitter and Facebook by doing what they always do and taking it up a notch. Website owners and blog users can take any post that they find useful or relevant from any G+ user whose feed they can see, and embed an actual live post onto their site or blog.

Why it’s useful

We know that we can embed posts, but what’s even more important to know is why we should. The social media platform that intertwines family, friends, and business has made information available to the public on an entirely new level and there are many benefits.

  • Any content created in Google+ prior to September 9, 2013 has been stuck there, unavailable to the rest of the World Wide Web. Many great quotes, stories, articles and more that were once only available on G+ can now be shared on any site.
  • You are not limited to embedding only your own posts. You can use any post that strikes your fancy.
  • Once embedded, you don’t have to search G+ feeds and user profiles to find the post you like and share it or +1 it. You can do it live right on the site where it has been embedded. You simply have to be logged into G+, and then everything you do related to that post is linked through your user profile.
  • You can expand your reach and your audience. The more places you or others embed your posts, the more people will see the content you are putting out there. This is more incentive for quality G+ posts and a great tool for authors who wish to gain visibility.
  • You can build your G+ following the more your posts are embedded.
  • Links to other websites, blog posts, and anything else that you want to have some attention can be embedded onto other sites that are willing to do so.
  • It is a great way to leverage the marketing opportunities of G+ by increasing the attention that a brand or product is getting.

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Will embedding posts take the place of guest blogs?

Here’s an interesting possibility: will people simply start asking blogs and websites to embed their posts, rather than hosting a guest blog that links to back to their site or an authoritative resource through their author bio?

As an SEO company, we know that this feature cannot replace guest posts because of the relevance and importance of having unique content available on blogs and websites for search engine rankings. However, it does open a new avenue for content marketing.

How to embed

Not that you know the benefits of embedding posts, you probably want to know how. The process is simple and straightforward. You can integrate them into any website in just a few east steps.

  • Find a Google+ post that you like and want to embed
  • Hover on the dropdown menu and select “Embed Post”
  • An embed code will appear. Copy the code.
  • Go to the development end of your website or blog and paste the Embed Code into your HTML code where you would like the post to appear.

We are excited about this new G+ feature and plan to use it regularly here at SEO.com. However, while there are many content marketing benefits to embedding Google+ posts, it will never replace the need for good, quality content on websites and blogs, so keep the great information coming.