The Results


"When we started with SEO.com, we were really nervous. We’d heard a lot of things about the SEO industry and were hesitant to pull the trigger. Looking back, the decision should have been a nobrainer. With our new site launching in January, we really wanted to hit the first page of Google for our most competitive keywords as soon as possible. In our industry, June is the biggest month. We hired SEO.com in mid-March, hit the first page June 3rd. Needless to say, SEO.com delivered and June was a rockstar month for us."

The Business

Hapari designs a variety of flattering and modest swimwear for women, with styles also available for men and children.

The Challenge

In mid-January 2009, Hapari.com was a brand new site in the swimwear market. The late spring and early summer months are prime time for swimwear sales, and Hapari’s goal was to be on the first page of Google for its primary keywords by the first of June. Hapari was driving traffic via PPC ads, but had very little traffic from non-branded organic search.

The Solution

SEO.com was able to find the golden keywords – high relevance, low competition, and high traffic – which it pursued aggressively through content optimization and link building. The effort paid off, with Hapari achieving high first-page rankings in time for the summer rush.

A year and a half later, Hapari is now ranked #1 for a majority of its keywords, with the remainder ranked in the top five.

Recently, Hapari doubled its budget with SEO.com to pursue more competitive keywords with great revenue potential.