Conversion Optimization

4 Competitive Reports Your SEO Will Die Without

In the world of search engine optimization, competitive intelligence is an indelible source of campaign sustenance. Knowing where competitors are ranking for key terms, and more importantly, why they might have better rankings than your site, is information you simply cannot go without. I am going to walk through a few different ideas that will help […]

Your Website and the Butt-Brush Effect

Chances are you may have heard of the Butt-Brush Effect, from Paco Underhill’s seminal work, “Why We Buy.” A brief synopsis of the Butt-Brush Effect: Underhill observed women shopping for neckties at a department store (not in a creepy way, he was conducting research). He noticed that the racks were really close to the entrance […]

7 Steps to Writing Good SEO Website Copy that Humans Will Read

Today, there are really two purposes of website content: *To communicate with search engines *To communicate with website visitors The problem is, search engines and site visitors speak different languages. And that right there is the paradox. If you write it solely for the search engines, you may get better rankings but visitors will bounce […]

Split Testing – Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 4

This is part three in a series of four posts on understanding the realities and challenges of split testing to improve your website’s conversion rate. If you missed earlier parts in the series, you can read them here: Part 1: Traffic considerations Part 2: Choosing meaningful tests Part 3: Executing your test Can you measure […]

Simplify. Track Goals. Sell More Stuff.

Eliminate everything on your website that doesn’t contribute to the primary objective. Every website has one major objective. It could be a purchase, download, contact form submission, or any number of actions. It also has several other less important but necessary objectives; actions that only indirectly result in a sale. A successful website is one where every […]

Split Testing – Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 1

I get energized when clients and my SEO colleagues catch the vision of split testing changes to a website. The potential for conversion rate increases is huge, and it’s also great fun! It’s not all rainbows and fluffy bunnies, however. There are challenges that can sabotage otherwise promising split testing efforts. Awareness of these challenges […]

Interactions – The Hidden Force of Conversion

If Internet buzz is to be believed, lots of marketers are getting excited about this Conversion Optimization stuff. If you’ve been reading about conversion optimization and are thinking about trying your hand at optimizing your company’s website, let me give you one tip that will save a lot of head-scratching and staring at the floor […]

Your Website Visitors Are Talking to You

Continuously improving your Web presence to increase ROI should be the goal, right? OK, but how do you get your potential customers to talk to you so you know what to improve? If you are willing to dig into a little data, you can find out how people interact with your site and where the […]