How To Take A Street Sweeper To Your Backlink Portfolio

How To Take A Street Sweeper To Your Backlink Portfolio

Link pruning is a lot like the business of “street sweeping”. If broken bottles and overflowing garbage cans are making it difficult to navigate the city, it’s time to send out the sweeper to remove the waste. If your website has been impacted by “garbage” links, you may need to take a street sweeper to […]

Anchor Text Isn’t Dead, But It’s On A Feeding Tube

anchor text isn't dead but it's on a feeding tube

Haven’t you heard? SEO is dead, and so is anchor text! Regular online marketing panic memes aside, these statements couldn’t be more wrong on the facts: SEO is more alive than ever. And anchor text isn’t dead… but it’s definitely on a feeding tube. Let’s go back to the reason that all these Chickens Little’s started alerting us that […]

Be Seen in 2013: Optimizing Mobile Paid Search Campaigns

Be Seen in 2013 Optimizing Mobile Paid Search Campaigns

The following is a Guest Post Contribution from Akvile Harlow, Internet Marketing & Advertising Operations Manager at Search Marketing Expo (SMX). As marketers we’re always optimizing, striving to gain more traction in search, and eventually converting our efforts into sales. Within the web playing field, it’s always important to stay on top, if not ahead of, […]

13 Predictions You Should Be Aware Of For 2013 – Video

13 predictions you should be aware of for 2013

2013 Is Here… Is Your Search Marketing Strategy Ready? From multiple Panda and Penguin updates, and the exact match domain crack down, 2012 turned out to be quite a stunning year in the world of search engine optimization. In this video, Ash Buckles, President of will briefly highlight 13 predictions you should be aware […]

Quality Guest Blogging: Red Flags that Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

QUALITY GUEST BLOGGING Red Flags that Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

High-quality content is involved in generating so many of the signals that tell search engines your site is worth paying attention to. And even ugly competitor’s sites might outperform yours if they publish readable, sought-after content and you aren’t taking editorial control of what gets published on your blog. Accepting guest blog content has its […]

9 SEO Ranking Techniques of Christmas Past

9 SEO Ranking Techniques Of Christmas Past

There have been many techniques over the years from SEOs who have received “ranking presents” from Google. However, it doesn’t take long for Google to turn these presents into a lump of coal. You see, just like with Santa, it takes years of good behavior to earn a spot on Google’s nice list and be […]

Infographics vs. Infocrapics: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Infographics vs. Infocrapics The Good The Bad The Ugly

Once upon a time, before online marketers seized upon them as vehicles for SEO and viral marketing campaigns, infographics were actually data visualization tools (Crazy, right?). It’s time to get back to those roots, as evidenced by the really bad infographics out there that could be fixed by following some simple principles in research and […]